Top 3: Drugstore Foundations

Hello my lovelies,

For me if you want your make up to be flawless you must start with a good base. Foundation is something I am forever trying out – if I am honest I think everyone is. Recently my skin has changed and I get oily around my T-Zone throughout the day which means I go for a more matte finish. It meant that I had to go out and buy all new foundations – obviously I didn’t complain about this, make up shopping is my favourite kind of shopping! These are my favourite foundations from the drug store that seriously impress me and I can’t live without.

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Rimmel: Wake Me Up Anti Fatigue Foundation see here

So this is a firm favourite for me and has been for a good 6/7 years. I remember the first time I wore this foundation I went out for a friends birthday and someone said to me ‘your skin looks amazing what foundation are you wearing’ now for a 15 year old I was very happy with this comment as back then I wasn’t that interested in make up. It meant a lot to me and has stuck with me for all of these years. It really does wake me up as silly as that sounds.

Unfortunately due to my oily skin I don’t wear this as much but sometimes I just think what the heck and put it on because I think it’s amazing. This is always my foundation of choice in the warmer months because of how illuminating this is. This isn’t the sort of foundation you would pick if you want a matte finish – this really is the complete opposite I mean there are tiny flecks of glitter in the foundation. Don’t let that scare you though because it just helps to brighten your skin. You won’t be looking like Edward Cullen from Twilight when he goes into the sun don’t worry!

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L’Oreal: Infallible 24h-Matte see here

This is the most recent foundation I have brought see here but instantly I fell in love. I needed a new matte foundation and I had heard so many people talk about it that I just had to try it. I am so impressed by it! It is medium to heavy coverage and is extremely buildable a little does go a long way. I haven’t tested the whole 24 hour claim but it is long wearing and if I know I am going to be out for a long time this is the foundation I always seem to choose.

I use this near enough every day as its the perfect coverage for me and I don’t need to worry about powdering all the time because it works to control my oily T-Zone. To put this into perspective of how good this is: my lovely mother is in her 40’s and has never worn foundation. She tried this out for a night out on a whim to see what it was like and a week later she went out to buy her own one! Granted she doesn’t use this every day but when she goes out for the evening she is always wearing this and she looks amazing!

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Rimmel: 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation see here

Another Rimmel foundation I know but I think they tick all the boxes for foundation! This is one of their more recent releases which by the name suggests is long lasting. This is what I always go for when I am on the hunt for a new foundation- for me there is nothing worse than feeling you have to touch up your foundation every 5 minutes throughout the day I just don’t have the time!

I’m not sure where they got the whole 25 hour thing from but I suppose it sounds good – obviously I have never tested this but it does a good job of lasting 10/12 hours. It is a full coverage foundation and again a matte finish. I usually use this when I am having a bad skin day as it covers a multitude of sins! I love that it has a SPF in as well – I always forget about day to day sun damage for my face so this really does help!

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Have you tried any of these foundations? Is there any foundations from the drugstore that you would recommend – yes I am a beauty addict which means I always want to buy more foundations even though I don’t need them!

-A x


35 thoughts on “Top 3: Drugstore Foundations

  1. Ihave tried all of them. And I was thinking that the red one from Rimmel was supposed for dry skin as I tried it in drugstore and it was devey. But now it is soo sticky on me even when I want to put pressed powder it doesn’t sets well i don’t know what is wrong with it

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      1. I don’t ever find it stick, heavier than other foundations so I know it’s there but I suppose that’s because it’s high coverage. It’s pretty long lasting. I use this day to day for work and it still looks good when I come home which is like 10 hours out of the house xo

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  2. Love the post!! Every single one of these I want to try but I just don’t know which!!!
    I’m scared of matte at the moment lol but the coverage of the Rimmel 25 hour one sounds amazing so I might just give it a go xx

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  3. I’ve tried them all but unfortunately my skin is so dry and they all look really think and patchy on my face, one of these days I’ll find the perfect foundation I know it ahaha! X

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