Review – Technic Contour Stix

Hello my lovelies,

Technic is a brand that I don’t know too much about. I don’t see many of their stands around and I have never been drawn to buying their products online. I am not sure why, I guess with all the other brands that are on offer I just didn’t even think to look into them.

In December, from Amazon I purchased the Contour Stix Trio and the highlighting powder which I have already wrote a review of see here. I thought I would do a review of the cream contour products that they offer.

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I brought these on Amazon  for £2.78 – to me it seemed like a no brainer to try. I’m not a massive fan of cream highlighters or bronzers but I think for the price it just seemed silly not to give it ago.

I was excited about getting these because it’s something completely new to try. I like that they come as a three and on the back of the packaging it tells you how to use all three products. I thought this was a good start – I did stupidly throw the packet away as I thought I was enough of a pro not to need it. Now I’m thinking it could be handy..

I like how thin the nib of each of the products are, it means that you can easily apply the product to the areas you want. There is no major worry of putting a big patch anywhere – which is normally what happens to me as I am so heavy handed!

When I tried the products on my hand I was excited by the pink shade to use as a highlighter and the brown shade to use as a contour. I didn’t understand the orange/cream shade and still to this day I don’t – is someone able to inform me how I use it?

Pink Shade:

So this to me was quite obvious the highlight shade. I don’t have any cream highlighters and never really ventured into it but ya know always try new things and I wish I never bothered. The shade on my hand looked OK – very pink toned though which I worried about but the sparkle and glitter of the shade looked lovely. When I applied this on my face which I just drew on and I used a blending sponge to apply to the skin. Unfortunately this just took off my base make up and there was nothing to be seen.

I have tried to use this multiple ways and I have just had no luck. The consistency of this just takes off all make up underneath which is highly annoying. It has actually put me off trying to use any other cream highlighters because I can’t be dealing with it all.

Brown Shade 

Again another obvious shade which I knew was the contour shade. I was excited to use this as I am slowly starting to enjoy stick contour products like the Barry M contour sticks. The colour is OK – a little orange though. When I applied this onto my skin it just didn’t seem to give much colour. On my hand the shade is strong, with foundation on it just doesn’t seem to like it. It took a lot of layers to get to a shade I was content with.

This stick would be perfect if you are wanting a subtle contour – but by subtle I do mean minimal. Having said that, it is really easy to build up so it would be the perfect product to get if you are new to the whole contour world and you don’t want something with crazy pigmentation.

Orange/Cream Shade

Umm, I don’t know what this is for. This is why I wish I kept the packaging because I have no idea how to use it. It is a light matte cream shade – I did try to use it as a under eye highlight and it failed it was far too light for me. I’m not sure what to do with it. Can anyone help!?


Overall, these are not the most impressive products in my opinion. They just didn’t work for me but that’s ok. People always look at a review like this and decide that they aren’t going to give it a go. We are all different and have different skin tones I’m sure it will work for some of you guys.

As I explained the contour shade is something I can see a lot of newbies into the contour world like – not too pigmented which means you can easily play around and see how light or dark you want the area to be. The pink shade – a nice colour but I can’t seem to stop it from taking off my base make up. Cream Shade – I don’t know how to use it.

To be honest – for £2.78 and even if you only one of the shades it’s not really the end of the world is it. Even in Boots you are looking at double that price if you are wanting a contouring product so for the price point to get 3 products is not bad.

I am hoping to give this to someone in my family or friends to see if it will go to better use as I would hate for it to go to waste.

Let me know if you have ever tried this before and your thoughts on whether they worked for you or not.

-A x

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