March Wishlist

Hello my lovelies,

So a new month means a new wish list! I am currently on a spending ban – I need to save! I am hoping to go until the end of April but who knows whether that will happen. Despite being a spending ban it does not stop me wanting new products – I am only human. So if anyone wants to buy me a gift then here is a helping hand *wink wink*


 Morphe 35 Colour Fall into Frost Eyeshadow Palette see here

I need to get my hands on this, it has gone past the want stage and it is now down to needing this in my life. Every time I have go onto the Cult Beauty website it is sold out. Do they not know I am trying to get hold of this!? I know I’m probably going to have to wait until May to get this due to my spending ban but hopefully everyone will stop rushing to get this and I will finally get my hands on it. The colours are just beautiful!

These are the colours I have been recently wanting to apply. I am trying to get away from my nudes – I mean I love them but it is a little boring. It’s good to experiment and I have not heard a bad thing about these palettes. I mentioned in my December Wishlist that I wanted the Nature Glow Palette but I have completely changed my mind – this is the one. If it’s good enough for Zoella it’s good enough for me!

Benefit: GALifornia Pink Blush see here

I love Benefit blushers and their latest launch certainly doesn’t disappoint. First off how cool is this packaging? Thumbs up from me! This will be the perfect summer blusher as it has a flush of sparkle as well as the bright bronze colour in the middle. I really want to get my hands on this before the hot weather comes. I can just imagine this looking absolutely beautiful on the cheeks.

This is why I am on a spending ban, as I am writing this post I am talking myself into buying it even more. It’s not something I need, it can wait but man it’s pretty 😦

Too Faced: Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette see here

Ok this is something that hasn’t launched just yet – but it is launching in the month of March and I want this. I have been trying to decide for a long while what eye shadow palette I should invest in from Too Faced and I have never been 100% on one. That is until now – look at these shades!?

Who doesn’t want this palette in their life!? It’s absolutely beautiful. I mean I don’t love every single colour only because I’m not a fan of pink on the eye but I really believe that when I start experimenting with this I will be using all the shades. I really make myself laugh – I don’t even own the palette and I’m talking about it like I have just brought it.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway Berry see here

I love the idea of a lip kit. Now the idea of this has obviously come from Kylie Jenner’s range and they look AMAZING but I’m not for paying a high end price, plus shipping and worrying about custom charges so when a brand wants to see if they can match it I’m all for it.

Cheaper alternatives are my thing at the moment and I love this shade. I love a berry colour and I think this would be perfect for Spring as it isn’t too dark. Well from what I can tell anyway. I love my lipsticks – especially liquid lipsticks so if this is impressive as I hope it will be who needs Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits!?

Revlon: ColourStay Foundation see here

Last but not least – a drug store foundation. Now it’s not something recently I have wanted to buy much of. I think there are just so many high end brands’ foundations I want to try I have forgotten about the good old drug store. I know that this foundation has been out for a while, but it always put me off that it had no pump. I am a pump sort of girl – the whole pouring onto my hand is no good for me!

They have recently introduced a pump to this foundation and now this has me sold!. I really want to try it! I have heard so many good things about this foundation especially for oily skin which I am suffering with more and more recently I want to see if it lives up to my expectations.

The only annoying thing with drug store foundations is that you have to try and colour match yourself. I think while I am on a spending ban this is something I could do knowing  that I will get my hands on at some point – I just hate buying a foundation and you get home realising you have brought the wrong shade. Nothing more frustrating!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and whether you think it is worth me buying them, I love to hear your opinions especially if they are no good it means I’m less tempted to break my spending ban!

What’s on your wishlist this month?

-A x


11 thoughts on “March Wishlist

  1. I literally brought the fall into frost in Jan (grabbed it the second cult beauty had it back in stock) and honestly it is such a beautiful pallet!! you wont regret buying it when you do!! 🙂 xx

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