MAC Lipstick Collection

Hello my lovelies,

So I am a lover of lipstick, a true die hard fan. I cannot go outside the house with make up on and not apply lipstick. It makes my face and I LOVE wearing bright lips. Nudes are not really for me, I love trying new colours!

My first high end lipstick was MAC and I have never looked back. Of course I have other brands of lipsticks but they never seem to fail me. I remember my first time going into a MAC store and buying ‘Girl About Town’ and the love story began. I now have 15 of them and I’m always on the hunt to pick up new ones there are just so many colours to choose from!

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Russian Red, Matte Finish

Who doesn’t love a classic red? Weirdly this is one of my least used lipsticks. I always think it’s good to have red lipsticks in your collection but I never am drawn to wearing them..

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Girl About Town, Amplified

So I actually have two of these, my lovely friend Charlotte knew how much I loved this lipstick and picked me a second one up when she visited Las Vegas so  I didn’t run out. This will always be one of my favorites, I think more so because it brings me back to walking into MAC for the first time and realising I was  falling in love with make up. At the same time it is a beautiful bright pink shade.

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Up the Amp, Amplified 

So wow this is a bright purple, I don’t know why I picked this one up. I have worn it properly maybe once a few years ago. This summer I will whipping this out with no shame. I love a purple lip dark or light, who cares what other people think right?

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Whirl, Matte

So who doesn’t love this colour? The craze after Velvet Teddy and I love this so much. This is my favourite lipstick in my MAC collection at the moment. I am loving the dark nude lip and is perfect for day to day wear.

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Velvet Teddy, Matte 

So yes I own this, of course I do! It took me a long while to get my hands on it and I was happy at the time I got it but it’s too dull for me now. It’s never something I am drawn to any more. I am determined to get the bottom of this and finish it though. This would be my first ever lipstick I have finished and I personally think this would be an amazing achievement.

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Chatterbox, Amplified 

A nice pink shade and a shade I don’t hear much about. More recently it isn’t a shade I am drawn to but it doesn’t offend me. When I am not wearing a lot of makeup this is the sort of shade I go towards. Who doesn’t love pink?

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Speed Dial, Cremesheen 

Another pink shade, ok yes I love pink. This has blue undertones which is probably why I am drawn to it more than speed dial. I want to look like I have pearly white teeth and is exactly what this does. If I am undecided on what to wear I normally end up wearing this.

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Steam Heat, Satin

So who doesn’t love limited edition packaging? I think this is what drew me to this lipstick. Again this isn’t a lipstick I wear an awful lot but it is a beautiful red shade. I think it’s because it’s a satin finish I’m not really drawn to it, not my most favourite finish from MAC I’m afraid..

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Morange, Amplified 

So this is my summer lipstick of choice. I love wearing orange lipsticks in the summer and MAC have completely nailed it with this one. I have the lip liner to match and when the warmer months come in the UK this is what I’ll be wearing!

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Antique Velvet, Matte 

So I love this colour, in fact I am obsessed. This is the latest addition to my collection and I love it so much. It isn’t to everyone’s taste but I will rock it and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Who doesn’t want a deep dark brown colour with a hint of purple?

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Impassioned, Amplified 

I like this colour, it’s more of a pinky coral colour. I wear this again in the summer but  it’s a colour I always forget I have. I’m not sure why its a forgettable shade in my collection and I’m hoping I will wear this more..

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Lady Danger, Matte 

This is another summer colour, a red/orange shade which I love. Another newish lipstick to my collection which I adore. Stupidly I brought this towards the end of summer so I haven’t had much wear out of this yet. Roll on the summer months!

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Hot Tahiti, Glaze

I really don’t like this one much. First off I don’t like the glaze formula I’m so much more of a matte girl as you can tell. It’s just all a bit pointless. Annoyingly I really like the shade and my sister pulls it off so well but it just isn’t for me.

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Rebel, Satin

Last but not least it’s a purple. In fact one of my most favourite purples that I own. It’s everything I want in a colour. As it’s a satin I do always wear a lip liner underneath because I like the dark matte lip as apposed to a more sheer finish. Personal preference though of course.

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So there is my lovely MAC lipstick collection that I am sure will be growing as time goes by. As you can tell I love the matte and amplified finishes. Let me know what your favourite ones are as I am always on the hunt to try new colours!

-A x

26 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Collection

  1. I love MAC lipstick posts! I have 29 now (so bad I know) and I am putting a halt on it for a while and trying to finish some up. I’ve just finished Brave (and replaced it) and I’m getting close to finished about three others off the top of my head. I might make myself wait before I replace any more though as I want to get use out of them all! xxx

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  2. Wow, wow, wow. The nearest MAC store to me is 2 hours away, probably not a bad thing! It’s like going into a sweet shop, I don’t know where to look first. Some of these lipsticks would really suit me, they are stunning. Your MAC collection must be worth a small fortune – lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine is about half an hour and that’s bad enough. I can’t help myself buying them 🙈 it is. My boyfriend keeps telling me I should really get my make up insured 😂 thank you for the comment xo


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