Top 3 – Cleansers

Hello my  lovelies,

In the last couple of years I have realised that having a skin care routine is as important in being able to apply your make up like a pro. When I first started getting into make up I didn’t realise that taking your make up off correctly and spending time on your skin was something that you needed to do. I slowly realised that if you have a good starting base then your make up is a lot easier to apply.

Looking back it seems like a no brainer and I really wish I started this sooner. This is where cleansers come into play, I used to watch a lot of YouTubers use a cleaner and think does it really work? Yes, yes it really does! It’s a game changer and now I find it the best way to remove make up and cleanse the skin.

I have a lot of cleansers and I change them up regularly I’m always buying new cleansers and seeing what they can do for my skin. As I am getting older I find myself buying more skincare than I do make up, which is pretty hard to believe but I think it’s so important. I love wearing make up but there is nothing better than after a long day going to the bathroom and removing all your make up with a cleanser!

The products I am sharing with you today are my cleansers that are my go to’s. I always seem to come back to these, especially when my skin is not in great shape.

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Soap and Glory – Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk See Here

I have written a full review about this cleanser see here and I completely fell in love with it. Although I haven’t had this for very long it is pretty impressive in my eyes . It melts away my make up so easily including my eye make up which I have found pretty hard to find in cleansers. My skin feels so smooth after using this and sometimes I don’t even apply a moisturiser because I don’t feel like I need it. Other times it’s down to me being lazy but I never wake up feeling that my skin is missing something.

I use around 5 pumps of this depending on how much make up I have on and I never feel like I have missed any make up. Another plus is that it smells amazing although I don’t like the taste of peaches the smell  is incredible – very fresh which is exactly what I am after in a cleanser.

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Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish see here

If you have read any of my skincare posts then you will know how much I love Liz Earle as a brand. Every product I use of theirs I am never disappointed and instantly fall in love. The cleanse and polish is no different and was the first product I tried out of theirs. It got to the point where every one and their nan had this but me and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

Believe me it is worth it! The ingredients within the product make it so inviting and it instantly calms me and makes me feel clean. A little goes a long way and when I apply it onto my skin I feel like I’m at the spa having a facial. It glides onto the skin removing all my make up along the way as well as all the dirt that is collected throughout the day – which I know is not a nice thought but this does the trick in removing it all.

This cleanser will forever be my favourite and I haven’t come across anything that will take it’s place. My only slight downfall to this is that my eyes are sensitive and when I have too much product around my eye area they do sting a little. As soon as I apply a warm flannel to the area this instantly goes away. It’s probably me being heavy handed sometimes but I just want to warn you if you do have sensitive eye areas.

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Ren – Rosa Hot Cloth Cleanser see here

This was the first cleaner I ever brought, I’m not sure why but when I first had the idea of buying a cleanser I thought this was the one to try out. I truly fell in love with cleansers when I tried this I just knew that it would forever be a change in how I remove make up. It has no scent to it, which actually I love because it has never aggravated my skin in any way.

It removes absolutely everything on my skin, well all the bad stuff anyway. Whenever I am having a bad time with my skin this is the one I reach for because for me it has nothing in it that flares my skin up. I feel like I have new skin after I have used this as my skin feels soft and clean literally like a baby’s bum! I feel like Ren as a brand is so underrated and I don’t know why because their products are sensational and at the same price point as Liz Earle. If you are after trying a new skin care brand I would advise you to take a look at their website.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these cleansers before and your thoughts on them. I would also love to know what your favourite cleansers are as I am always on the hunt for trying new products!

-A x


14 thoughts on “Top 3 – Cleansers

  1. If you want to try a really good cleaning lotion, I swear by the No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion, it’s so good and leaves your skin feeling so so nice!! xx

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  2. Oooh. I’m curious about that Soap and Glory one now – I’ll have to see if I can find it locally. S&G is hard to suss out, as a lot of the line isn’t carried in Canada from what I’ve seen.
    My current favourite cleanser is the Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser – pricey but I love the smell and feel of my skin after. Totally not drying.

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      1. Yeah I’m definitely seeing an improvement in mine too! I’m the same and now I have so many skincare bits on my wishlist! Oops haha. No problem lovely, thanks for sharing this great post 🙂 xx

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