Products I Use In The Shower

Hello my lovelies,

I use so many different products in the shower that I thought I would share with you what they are and the routine I go through. For anyone that knows me I hate baths, I won’t go into why just know that I won’t step foot in one and showers is what I much prefer. I’m never a person to be in and out in 5 minutes though, I still treat my skin and hair to much needed TLC.

My perfect evening consists of putting music on and singing in the shower at the top of my lungs while I clean, exfoliate etc. in the shower. Anyone else do this? It means I’m always in the shower for a good 20 minutes!

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The first thing I use when I get in the shower in the Pantene Pro V Shampoo Volume & Body see here I do mix up my shampoo and conditioner quite a lot, this is just the one I am currently using.

If I need to tone my hair slightly which I do around every two weeks, before my normal shampoo I will add L’Oreal Professional Silver Shampoo see here which I massage into my hair for around 2 minutes to make sure that my hair has taken to it and then wash out. This does leave my hair very dry and extremely knotty which is why I will go back to my normal shampoo and then conditioner.

When this is washed out I will add the matching conditioner see here which I try to leave this on for as long as possible especially towards the ends of my hair.

While this is doing its thing I will then move onto my face, at this point I take the temperature down as using products in the shower can be too harsh on your face because of the high water temperature. If I go into the shower with a lot of make up on then I will use Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean see here which is a cleanser, toner and make-remover all in one – it’s pretty impressive I must say!

I will then move onto exfoliating my face which I do around 3 times a week just to remove all the dead skin cells etc. I am currently using Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator see here which I am actually really enjoying. I don’t do this every day as I don’t feel my skin needs it but I suppose this is down to personal preference.

I then go onto to actually washing my face just to triple check there is nothing left on my skin and I feel it soothes my face after exfoliation. My face wash of choice at the moment is Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel see here this makes my skin feel amazing and is my last step to my skin while I am in the shower.

After this I will then go onto washing my body, my current shower gel of choice is the Lush Snow Fairy which as most of you know you can only get around Christmas time. I have made sure I stock up this year because it just smells too darn good! I really notice that coming out of the shower I can still smell the snow fairy scent and do for hours after!

Finally I will then wash the conditioner out of my hair and ensure that nothing is left in my hair. I always make sure that I leave my conditioner in for a good 5 minutes, I guess I use it as more of a hair treatment but it really does do the job!

Let me know what products you use in the shower, I am always interested whether I am totally excessive in what I use or I am actually a normal-ish person!

-A x

14 thoughts on “Products I Use In The Shower

  1. I use pantene too! It leaves my hair so shiny and soft. I also use Alberto Balsam conditioner. Now, I wouldn’t recommend the shampoo as it doesn’t really clean the hair. But the conditioner? I can’t rave about it enough. They have the hugest range of fruity smells, and they do smell so CLEAN! The Body Shop body butters are beautiful too. I love the raspberry one! Thanks for sharing your routine, its interesting to see what other people are using on their hair and body.

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    1. I don’t think I have ever tried that brand, thank you for the heads up on the shampoo! May have to try the out the conditioners. I love the body shop body butters too, they have such a large range of scents! You are welcome – thank you for the comment. Yea that’s what I think – I’m just so nosey haha


  2. I’m also not a bath person though I’d love to take them! I just don’t like my tub lol. I’m the same in my shower- I go through a whole song and dance with my hair, facial cleanser etc. It’s a great time to unwind! Love this post!
    XX Jen

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