High End Eyeshadow Palette Collection

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I would do something different and share with you my current high end eye shadow collection. I am quite particular about palettes and what sort of shades they offer me. I will go through whether they are worth buying as some of them are pretty pricey!

I will also be posting soon my drug store eye shadow pallete collection – there are quite a few of these I must admit but I thought it would be fun to show you guys.

Eyeshadow is something I wear every day and really I am drawn to the same sort of colours, I know its boring. I am slowly branching out but I am starting with cheaper products to see whether the colours suits me, anyone else do this?

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Urban Decay – Naked Eyeshadow Pallete. see here

I love the Naked range that Urban Decay have, you will see throughout this post. This is probably my second most used Naked pallete that I own. Firstly, I love the original packaging – why they didn’t keep to this I have no clue. I actually prefer this, maybe because I don’t travel an awful lot so I don’t worry about how flimsy it is.

The shadows are absolutely gorgeous, Urban Decay has to be one of my most favourite brands for eye shadows due to the pigmentation and the way they blend. Obviously they are all neutral colours with a mix of pinks, browns and blues. The only annoying thing is that they are all shimmery colours which means normally you have to go looking for a matte shade in your collection.

My most favourite shades in the pallete are Half Baked, Side Car and Toasted

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Charlotte Tilbury – Fallen Angel See Here

This was my first ever Charlotte Tilbury product I ever owned and my oh my this is just amazing. First off the packaging is bloody gorgeous! This is a limited edition pallete so I was so happy I got hold of this, its just simply perfect. They are small, compact & they have a mirror! All the colours go together, which is what Charlotte was out to design. I believe they are for different eye colours but I just chose what I liked.

They are all shimmer colours but somehow they all work together to give you the perfect smokey eye look. They are so pigmented and easily blendable onto the eye. I also love that on the back it tells you where you should apply each colour, you really can’t go wrong.

These colours work amazingly well together but they also work just as great on their own. Because this is limited edition I am so scared to use this too much as I know its super difficult to get hold of now. Make Up is there to be used right?

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Urban Decay – Naked 2 Pallete See Here

This is by far my most used high end eye shadow palette. I literally love it, I am a natural eyes girl and for me this is everything I could ever want and more. It’s such a versatile palette and I have created so many looks with this. Whether it is just a day to day look or a more bold look for the evening it can be created with just the pallete.

People I have spoken to prefer the original but for me Naked 2 is much more down my street. The only thing I wish Urban Decay did was to keep to the original packaging, but you do get a bigger mirror in this one which I prefer.

My most favourite shades in the pallete are: Bootycall, Busted and Suspect

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Estee Lauder – Pure Colour Envy 4 Colour. *I can’t actually find this anywhere online!?*

So this was gifted to me by Estee Lauder when I spent X amount of money. I like free things, and actually this is quite a sweet pallete. Obviously, they are neutral shades and again they all have a shimmer to them. The packaging for me is pretty basic, but it does have a mirror in it.

The colours are fairly pigmented and are reasonably blendable I just never reach for it. Nothing excited me about it, I know I should use it more but I just don’t ever think wow these colours look good. I will obviously keep it and keep trying as it’s not that I dislike it I just feel like it’s missing something. Very basic..

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Urban Decay – Naked 2 Basics See Here

What a cute palette!? A complete matte eyeshadow palette with all the colours you would need in a basic natural look. Yes please! I always use this along with my Naked 2 pallete when I want to create a more dramatic look. It’s amazing what you can do with such a small pallete.

Although I use this on more dramatic looks in conjunction with my Naked 2, I never use it on it’s own. If I want a quick, easy look this is not something I reach for. I guess I prefer sparkle and glitter on my eyes. I do really love it though and I love the formula of the eye shadow’s they literally don’t change anything but the colour in each pallete which is amazing.

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Charlotte Tilbury – The Dolce Vita See Here

This is the most recent addition to my collection but this has already become my favourite ever eyeshadow palette that I have ever owned. Every time I open it I think wow – I look forward to putting this on my eyes. I have used it so much since I have brought it and I literally can’t see my life without it.

The colours go beautifully together and create a beautiful smokey eye which is my go to when I go out. I think it is a little too dramatic for day to day – I wish I could pull it off but I just can’t! How sad is this – I am looking at the pallete right now and just smiling at it. I seriously need to get a life. If I was to recommend any of these palettes mentioned in this post it would be this one. It is truly sensational and you would not regret a single penny of your money!

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Urban Decay – Naked Smokey Palette See here

I love the packaging of this one – not sure why it just has something that I am drawn to. As the name suggests this is the smokey pallete to create more smokey looks with. Now I am a novice at this but I am slowly getting the hang of it and this palette really helps. It has a mix of shimmers and mattes to create so many different looks.

They range from browns, silvers, purples and a little blue – what more could you want? Due to it just mainly being for creating smokey eyes I don’t normally reach for it any other time which is annoying because when you open it up there are some really beautiful colours in it.

My favourite from this palette are: Armor, Whisky and Dirtysweet.

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MAC – Warm Neutral Pallete  See Here

I wanted this for the longest time when it first come out and I finally got my hands on it to be actually pretty disappointed. I had never owned any MAC eye shadows previous to buying the palette and I thought it would be the perfect way to try them out. Well there is a reason why I have never brought any more eye shadows from MAC because unfortunately they do not live up to other brands.

I compared them to Urban Decay shadows and really the pigmentation against the two were miles apart. There are some beautiful colours in this pallete but they just don’t seem to pay off onto my eyes which is a great shame because this was pretty expensive. I keep trying every so often to give it another go and hopefully be wowed but it never happens…


Let me know if you have any of these palettes and what you think of them also what high end palettes would you recommend me getting?

-A x



46 thoughts on “High End Eyeshadow Palette Collection

  1. This helped a lot – I’ve been looking for new eyeshadow palettes. I know there’s so many good ones but I wanted someone to actually say it’s good. I love your blog!! Do you mind doing a tag with me? I’m doing the ‘Beauty Bay Full Face’, maybe you could do it with a different brand and we can see how it comes out in the end. Thanks!

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      1. I know what you mean. I bought 2 pallets from them in the past, that I don’t use anymore: the Pretty Rebel pallet and the glitter one (can’t remember the name), but the shades just don’t look right on me… It’s so difficult to choose, especially because there are so many pallets on the market. On the other hand, if I can recommend a very cheap pallet, it’s the Essence It’s Eyeshadow pallet! I love them to create simple smoky eyes! xoxo Sarah

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