Review – Elf Blush Pallet

Hello lovelies,

So as you know, I brought quite a few products in the month of December, See here and some of them were products I have never tried before so as I am trying them out I thought I would review them for you.

Elf is a brand that when I first started getting into make up which was around 6 years ago everyone raved about. Here in the UK they never had a store and it was online and I like to try things out and swatch before I buy which meant I never really brought anything. I was browsing on Amazon and saw they had some Elf products and it brought me back to watching old school YouTube, so I thought I would buy a product.

The product I chose was an Elf blush pallet, in Dark see here it was only £6 so I thought I would buy it. I haven’t brought any new blushes for a while so I was extremely excited to start using it. For me I believe that Elf have really upped their packaging game. It’s sleek and black – simple but elegant.

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The shades itself are absolutely beautiful. You go from orange toned blush to a more deep light plum shade. Yes I know my descriptive skills are not brilliant! In the bottom left hand corner the blush reminds me of ‘Orgasm’ from NARS. I’m not sure if that was what they were going for but I would say they are fairly similar in the way they look. I have never tried the NARS blush so I couldn’t tell you if it is a good dupe for it – sorry!

I love that this has a massive mirror in it too, this would be perfect for travelling with! I love products that have a mirror in, it just makes everything that little bit easier. I’m always the person that travels somewhere and forgets to bring a mirror so this is perfect!

All of the blush shades are completely wearable – well to me anyway. There is no out there shade that I think I would definitely would not wear. There is always that one shade in a pallet that is never used but I can tell you I have already used every shade and they suit me perfectly.

The pigmentation on these blushes is actually pretty impressive. A little really does go a long way – for the price this really is amazing. I’m not a fan of blushes that you really have to swirl the brush in for ages just to get a little bit of colour.

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Overall I am so impressed with this pallet – you really cannot go wrong for £6! The packaging actually feels substantial and doesn’t feel like it is going to break and the blushes are pretty darn good. I cannot wait to keep using these blushes as it is something I am leaning to more and more in my collection. I may even have to see what other products Elf have to offer!

Let me know if you own any Elf products and what you think of them

-A x

27 thoughts on “Review – Elf Blush Pallet

  1. This is such a nice palette! I have a ton of elf stuff and love so much of it. I’ve been really impressed with their primers and recently have been loving their total face palette! I think it’s new, but it’s gorgeous for fair skin tones!!


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  2. See I’ve found many products hit and miss from elf, most very good though! I too love their packaging, it’s simplicity hides the cost and I find all of their powder products to be fabulous!

    Never seen this palette before though! In need of some blushes too so thanks for this! xx

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