Review – Threads False Eyelashes

Hello my lovelies,

I’m not normally a fan of false eye lashes. They always seem to irritate me in some way and I always end up taking them off. I know they are false lashes but I like a more fluttery, natural look when I wear eye lashes rather than a fake strip lash. This is obviously personal preference and I have never found a pair of lashes that ticked all the right boxes.

I was kindly sent 3 different sets of eyelashes from Threads Beauty see here, now I have never heard of the brand before but as you know I am all up for giving products a go. The three different styles I received was: Vava Voom, Charlston and Rock Chick.


For the purpose of the review, I decided to opt for the Charleston Lashes. I have road tested these over a number of days for long periods of time to give you a true indication of how good they truly are.


-All the lashes had a thick strip which was easy to apply to my lash line. I am awful at applying false lashes as I never really wear them so knowing that they are easy to apply is a winner for me.

-The lashes are incredibly lightweight, I mean I’m completely impressed that half the time I forgot that I was wearing them. I kept having to touch them every so often to make sure they were still on my eyes as it did not feel heavy whatsoever.

-Over all three of the different styles each individual lash is incredibly fine, giving a more natural look which is definitely what I look for. Further reading into this brand shows that all lashes are handmade which is incredible!

-I’m not normally a fan of eyelash glue that comes in the packs, the only eye lash glue I use is Duo sometimes its good to stick with what you love. I did try the glue in the pack as it is obviously part of the review and my oh my am I impressed. It came out blue, which scared me a little but it dried completely clear. I had the lashes for well over 8 hours every time I tried the lashes and they literally did not budge. How amazing!?


Unfortunately a product is never completely perfect and there will always be a negative in some way. These may not bother you in the slightest but I think it’s always good to give a true indication of what they are like both positive and negative.

-The packaging is a little basic, obviously the product itself is amazing but these do retail for £9 so personally I expect a little more especially to make them a little more eye catching.

-When you open the box, I am a complete novice and I like the little ‘L’ and ‘R’ to tell me what lash is what and unfortunately it doesn’t have that. I’m sure to most people this is not a problem but for a novice like me I like to know I am putting them on the right eye!

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Overall I really love these lashes. They look incredibly natural and not overpowering, they lasted a whole day which makes me more inclined to wear these more often. For me, they have really made me want to wear false eyelashes more frequently because of how comfortable they are. They are a little pricey at £9 but you have to treat yourself and for an event like a wedding you need to know they are going to stay on all day and I would 100% trust that they would.

They are a UK brand which operate in Ireland and I am hoping they will become more widely available in England as I am so impressed. A big thumbs up from me!

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-A x

14 thoughts on “Review – Threads False Eyelashes

  1. I can never apply eyelashes properly.. I usually get semi-permanent eyelashes done but since I ripped all my eyelashes off I don’t get them anymore! It took me 1 month to grow them back by applying Vaseline on them everyday! But these lashes look lovely on you! X

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    1. I have always had this problem and when I had semi permanent lashes and they ruined them they look good for the first 2 weeks and then it goes down hill. Thank you lovely, you should try to see if you can apply lashes though – practise makes perfect ☺

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