Top 3 – Blushers

Hello my lovelies,

My next installment of my Top 3 Series is: Blushers. I love blusher, there is nothing better than sweeping your cheeks with a bit of powder to create a rosy cheek look. There aren’t many times that I apply make up and not wear blush. I think it adds colour to your face but by no means looking fake. I own an awful lot of blushes so it was pretty hard to choose just 3 that I couldn’t live without.

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The Balm – Fratboy see here

First off The Balm’s packaging is so cute. It’s very different to a lot of brands it has a retro feel to it that I just love. It’s quirky and different. It also has a decent sized mirror in it which I think is a massive plus with any product. This is pretty much a matte blusher, with a hint of glitter but I really don’t think this transfers onto the skin. It just aids the blusher to catch the light.

The colour I would describe as a baby pink shade. I wouldn’t say its a bright in your face shade that you wouldn’t be able to pull off on a day to day basis. You would notice this on the cheeks, but is very easy to blend depending on what look you are going for. The blusher is extremely pigmented and little truly does go a long way!

The only down to side to this really is that it’s made out of cardboard so it may be prone to breaking especially if it is in your handbag, but saying that mine is going strong and I have had this for well over a year now.

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Milani  – Powder Blush in 05 Coral Cove see here

I know Milani as a brand is pretty tricky to get hold of in the UK and I brought this at IMATs a few years ago but the brand is pretty impressive. If you can get your hands on this I would really recommend trying something out from the brand. The packaging is simple, yet elegant. The indentation of the blush itself is pretty impressive, I believe it is a rose it makes the blush that little bit more special.

The blush gives itself away by the name ‘Coral Cove’ I don’t have too many coral shades in my collection but I don’t think I need to because I am so impressed with this one. This is more of a summer shade and I don’t wear it during the colder months but as soon as the sun is shining this is applied straight away. Again this is a matte blusher which gives a coral swipe to the cheeks and makes them pop. This especially looks amazing with a tan!

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Bourjois – 54, Rose Frisson see here

First off, how cute is this!? Small yet very cute! The packaging is pretty sturdy and it comes with a mirror, what more could you want! This is a beautiful rose pink shade which has a slight hint of glitter which catches the light beautifully to give you that extra glow on your cheeks.

This is a very soft shade which I wear on a daily basis as it just works on my skin to give that subtle bit of colour that I am lacking within my cheeks. This blush would be perfect for anyone wanting to delve into the world of blush with something that is not overpowering. This is a shade that I wear near enough wear on a daily basis because it is so easy to use and you can never go overboard with the product, but if you do it really does blend like a dream!

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Let me know if you have tried any of these blushes that I have mentioned and what you think of them!

-A x

Products I Use In The Shower

Hello my lovelies,

I use so many different products in the shower that I thought I would share with you what they are and the routine I go through. For anyone that knows me I hate baths, I won’t go into why just know that I won’t step foot in one and showers is what I much prefer. I’m never a person to be in and out in 5 minutes though, I still treat my skin and hair to much needed TLC.

My perfect evening consists of putting music on and singing in the shower at the top of my lungs while I clean, exfoliate etc. in the shower. Anyone else do this? It means I’m always in the shower for a good 20 minutes!

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The first thing I use when I get in the shower in the Pantene Pro V Shampoo Volume & Body see here I do mix up my shampoo and conditioner quite a lot, this is just the one I am currently using.

If I need to tone my hair slightly which I do around every two weeks, before my normal shampoo I will add L’Oreal Professional Silver Shampoo see here which I massage into my hair for around 2 minutes to make sure that my hair has taken to it and then wash out. This does leave my hair very dry and extremely knotty which is why I will go back to my normal shampoo and then conditioner.

When this is washed out I will add the matching conditioner see here which I try to leave this on for as long as possible especially towards the ends of my hair.

While this is doing its thing I will then move onto my face, at this point I take the temperature down as using products in the shower can be too harsh on your face because of the high water temperature. If I go into the shower with a lot of make up on then I will use Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean see here which is a cleanser, toner and make-remover all in one – it’s pretty impressive I must say!

I will then move onto exfoliating my face which I do around 3 times a week just to remove all the dead skin cells etc. I am currently using Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator see here which I am actually really enjoying. I don’t do this every day as I don’t feel my skin needs it but I suppose this is down to personal preference.

I then go onto to actually washing my face just to triple check there is nothing left on my skin and I feel it soothes my face after exfoliation. My face wash of choice at the moment is Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel see here this makes my skin feel amazing and is my last step to my skin while I am in the shower.

After this I will then go onto washing my body, my current shower gel of choice is the Lush Snow Fairy which as most of you know you can only get around Christmas time. I have made sure I stock up this year because it just smells too darn good! I really notice that coming out of the shower I can still smell the snow fairy scent and do for hours after!

Finally I will then wash the conditioner out of my hair and ensure that nothing is left in my hair. I always make sure that I leave my conditioner in for a good 5 minutes, I guess I use it as more of a hair treatment but it really does do the job!

Let me know what products you use in the shower, I am always interested whether I am totally excessive in what I use or I am actually a normal-ish person!

-A x

Review – Technic Highlighting Powder

Hello my lovelies,

I love highlighter – who doesn’t!? It has been a huge craze over the past few years and my collection is growing rapidly. I love trying new products and new brands and today I share with you a brand I have never tried before and a new product. Technic has been a brand I have heard an awful lot about in the blogging world and I am never really drawn to it when I see any products whether that is online or in store

For some reason when I was browsing on Amazon, as you do, I saw this highlighting powder and I thought to myself I might as well pick it up as it wasn’t very expensive.

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Technic – Highlighting Powder. See Here

First off the packaging is pretty basic, but for something that costs around £2 I suppose it’s not really about the packaging. It’s pretty sturdy and I like that I can see the product inside. I don’t really understand the imprint and the way they have designed the powder, for me it just makes it a little difficult to swirl my brush around.

The colour itself is a pearly pink colour, I don’t actually own many of these shades. I normally opt for the more golden colours. It doesn’t seem to look like it has any specs of glitter in which actually I quite like, it is just more of a shimmer. It catches the light beautifully.

The pigmentation is pretty poor, I’m the sort of person that likes to have quite a bold highlight so it does take me a little while to achieve this. It also takes a little while to blend into the skin, but surprisingly it is pretty long lasting.

The more I try this product the more I enjoy it. I mean this is no where near a stand out product for me where I am completely impressed by but for the price I am quite happy with it. It is a highlighter I would use on a daily basis where I don’t need my highlight to be as bold.

If you are someone that is wanting to try a highlighter out and not to sure where to start then this one may be a good place. It’s not going to break the bank and actually you probably want a subtle highlighter to begin with.

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Let me know if you have tried this product or anything from the brand!

-A x


High End Eyeshadow Palette Collection

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I would do something different and share with you my current high end eye shadow collection. I am quite particular about palettes and what sort of shades they offer me. I will go through whether they are worth buying as some of them are pretty pricey!

I will also be posting soon my drug store eye shadow pallete collection – there are quite a few of these I must admit but I thought it would be fun to show you guys.

Eyeshadow is something I wear every day and really I am drawn to the same sort of colours, I know its boring. I am slowly branching out but I am starting with cheaper products to see whether the colours suits me, anyone else do this?

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Urban Decay – Naked Eyeshadow Pallete. see here

I love the Naked range that Urban Decay have, you will see throughout this post. This is probably my second most used Naked pallete that I own. Firstly, I love the original packaging – why they didn’t keep to this I have no clue. I actually prefer this, maybe because I don’t travel an awful lot so I don’t worry about how flimsy it is.

The shadows are absolutely gorgeous, Urban Decay has to be one of my most favourite brands for eye shadows due to the pigmentation and the way they blend. Obviously they are all neutral colours with a mix of pinks, browns and blues. The only annoying thing is that they are all shimmery colours which means normally you have to go looking for a matte shade in your collection.

My most favourite shades in the pallete are Half Baked, Side Car and Toasted

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Charlotte Tilbury – Fallen Angel See Here

This was my first ever Charlotte Tilbury product I ever owned and my oh my this is just amazing. First off the packaging is bloody gorgeous! This is a limited edition pallete so I was so happy I got hold of this, its just simply perfect. They are small, compact & they have a mirror! All the colours go together, which is what Charlotte was out to design. I believe they are for different eye colours but I just chose what I liked.

They are all shimmer colours but somehow they all work together to give you the perfect smokey eye look. They are so pigmented and easily blendable onto the eye. I also love that on the back it tells you where you should apply each colour, you really can’t go wrong.

These colours work amazingly well together but they also work just as great on their own. Because this is limited edition I am so scared to use this too much as I know its super difficult to get hold of now. Make Up is there to be used right?

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Urban Decay – Naked 2 Pallete See Here

This is by far my most used high end eye shadow palette. I literally love it, I am a natural eyes girl and for me this is everything I could ever want and more. It’s such a versatile palette and I have created so many looks with this. Whether it is just a day to day look or a more bold look for the evening it can be created with just the pallete.

People I have spoken to prefer the original but for me Naked 2 is much more down my street. The only thing I wish Urban Decay did was to keep to the original packaging, but you do get a bigger mirror in this one which I prefer.

My most favourite shades in the pallete are: Bootycall, Busted and Suspect

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Estee Lauder – Pure Colour Envy 4 Colour. *I can’t actually find this anywhere online!?*

So this was gifted to me by Estee Lauder when I spent X amount of money. I like free things, and actually this is quite a sweet pallete. Obviously, they are neutral shades and again they all have a shimmer to them. The packaging for me is pretty basic, but it does have a mirror in it.

The colours are fairly pigmented and are reasonably blendable I just never reach for it. Nothing excited me about it, I know I should use it more but I just don’t ever think wow these colours look good. I will obviously keep it and keep trying as it’s not that I dislike it I just feel like it’s missing something. Very basic..

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Urban Decay – Naked 2 Basics See Here

What a cute palette!? A complete matte eyeshadow palette with all the colours you would need in a basic natural look. Yes please! I always use this along with my Naked 2 pallete when I want to create a more dramatic look. It’s amazing what you can do with such a small pallete.

Although I use this on more dramatic looks in conjunction with my Naked 2, I never use it on it’s own. If I want a quick, easy look this is not something I reach for. I guess I prefer sparkle and glitter on my eyes. I do really love it though and I love the formula of the eye shadow’s they literally don’t change anything but the colour in each pallete which is amazing.

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Charlotte Tilbury – The Dolce Vita See Here

This is the most recent addition to my collection but this has already become my favourite ever eyeshadow palette that I have ever owned. Every time I open it I think wow – I look forward to putting this on my eyes. I have used it so much since I have brought it and I literally can’t see my life without it.

The colours go beautifully together and create a beautiful smokey eye which is my go to when I go out. I think it is a little too dramatic for day to day – I wish I could pull it off but I just can’t! How sad is this – I am looking at the pallete right now and just smiling at it. I seriously need to get a life. If I was to recommend any of these palettes mentioned in this post it would be this one. It is truly sensational and you would not regret a single penny of your money!

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Urban Decay – Naked Smokey Palette See here

I love the packaging of this one – not sure why it just has something that I am drawn to. As the name suggests this is the smokey pallete to create more smokey looks with. Now I am a novice at this but I am slowly getting the hang of it and this palette really helps. It has a mix of shimmers and mattes to create so many different looks.

They range from browns, silvers, purples and a little blue – what more could you want? Due to it just mainly being for creating smokey eyes I don’t normally reach for it any other time which is annoying because when you open it up there are some really beautiful colours in it.

My favourite from this palette are: Armor, Whisky and Dirtysweet.

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MAC – Warm Neutral Pallete  See Here

I wanted this for the longest time when it first come out and I finally got my hands on it to be actually pretty disappointed. I had never owned any MAC eye shadows previous to buying the palette and I thought it would be the perfect way to try them out. Well there is a reason why I have never brought any more eye shadows from MAC because unfortunately they do not live up to other brands.

I compared them to Urban Decay shadows and really the pigmentation against the two were miles apart. There are some beautiful colours in this pallete but they just don’t seem to pay off onto my eyes which is a great shame because this was pretty expensive. I keep trying every so often to give it another go and hopefully be wowed but it never happens…


Let me know if you have any of these palettes and what you think of them also what high end palettes would you recommend me getting?

-A x



Top 3 – Bronzers

Hello my lovelies,

I love bronzers, there is nothing better than sweeping your face with a little bronzer to give a little colour to your face throughout the year. More recently I have been adding to my collection, there are so many different products out there now!

I prefer my bronzers to be on the more matte side, which makes it more difficult to get find. I prefer the sparkle and glitter to come from my highlighter, I suppose this is personal preference. I thought I would share with you my go to bronzers that I simply cannot live without!

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Bourjois – Bronzing Powder See Here

This is one of the first bronzers I ever brought and I love it. First off, I quite like the packaging however it is a little bulky for the product inside. The best part about this is that it smells amazing. I have had this product for quite some time and it still smells insane. People have said it smells of chocolate, I don’t agree. I would say it just reminds me of summer. I think you have to go into your local boots and smell it!

It does have glitter in this bronzer but when I apply this to my face I don’t actually see the glitter too much, maybe I’m blind but it is more on the matte side. It applies effortlessly and blends nicely into the skin. It is a powder finish which I much prefer, however you do need a fair bit on your brush as it isn’t crazy pigmented. Despite this, I have had it for ages and I still have got quite a lot left!

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NARS – Laguna Bronzing Powder See Here

The NARS website describe this product as a cult classic and that is exactly what it is for me! I don’t use this as much for day to day use as this is one of the only ones in my collection that is pretty shimmery. I do use it on nights out when I want more of a glow and it is simply perfect for it.

It is pretty pigmented so a little will go a long way which I love especially for a high end product. It sits beautifully on the skin and blends like a dream. Obviously the packaging is amazing as are all products are from NARS, its super slim and has a massive mirror which makes it perfect for travelling and on the go touch ups. I don’t know many people who haven’t tried this and love it.

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*excuse the dirty mirror, I didn’t realise when I took the picture LOL*

MAC – Matte Bronzing Powder See Here *My one is from a limited edition range, but I believe this is pretty similar.*

By the name you can tell this is a complete matte bronzer which I absolutely love. This is what I wear on a day to day basis as it doesn’t have any shimmer it just gives me that bronze goddess look -I’m sure you know what I mean! I sweep this around my face and I am good to go. It doesn’t budge from my face all day so I don’t ever feel like I need to touch up throughout the day.

The pigmentation is pretty impressive and a little goes a long way. Considering I use this almost every day it doesn’t even look like I have made a dent in this but trust me I do! I love MAC’s packaging especially their limited edition ranges and this one has a mirror which again is perfect for travelling.

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Let me know what your favourite bronzers are and if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned!

-A x


Review – Barry M Contour Sticks

Hello my lovelies,

So like every girl, I want defined cheek bones. However,  not everyone is blessed with amazing bone structure so a lot of people turn to the concept of contouring. When it comes to contouring I am a complete novice and really, I don’t know what I’m doing. I end up thinking it looks ok-ish but that’s about it.

I have seen more and more ‘contour sticks’ being brought out by brands recently. Now to me, this seems like a brilliant idea – to draw on where you want to contour & then blend – seems simple right? This is what I thought when I brought the Barry M contour sticks, how hard can it be!?

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*I apologise, in advance the darker shade looks so much darker than it actually is – swatch is further down!*

I brought  this Barry M duo from Amazon, see here I brought them on a whim as I had never seen them before and I thought – why not, I wanted to try something out like this anyway.  I thought it was a cute set, a contour and a highlight – perfect!

I was so excited to use these because in my head I had imagined them to be this game changing product. I obviously have used this quite a lot recently to truly test them out and find out what they can and can’t do.

The Contour Shade

I was a little scared when I first saw the colour, it seems way to dark for my skin tone but I always say you should try everything once and I’m so glad I did! The colour is not as dark as it looks, its creamy and glides onto the skin. I didn’t feel like this took my foundation off which is my main worry with cream products but it just sat on top. I blend this product in using my contour brush from Real Techniques which I think works a dream!

The finished look of using this on my cheek bones is a nice glow, I wouldn’t say this is a subtle contour, but I guess you would just keep on blending until you are happy. For me, this is another plus because if you feel like you have put too much on its so easy to blend out. On the other hand, the product is extremely buildable.

I did try to contour my nose – ya know like all the professionals out there do, but it failed miserably. The bullet is way to round for this to give you a precise contour in small and specific area. Although this would may be annoying to some people I don’t actually care because I am not a contouring pro and I am happy to stick to just my cheek bones!

The Highlighter Shade 

I have never really got on with cream highlighters for the same reason as I mentioned earlier. Most of the ones I have tried have completely taken my base make up off and it looks awful. I was extremely skeptical but after trying the contour shade I was then excited to try the highlighter.

For me, this is not a highlighter. Even from the pictures on the back of the box to show you where to apply this is not a highlighter in my eyes. There is no shimmer, its very heavy and for me it doesn’t compliment the contour shade.

I was disheartened because I was so impressed with the contour shade, I tried so hard to like this as a highlighter but I just couldn’t get on with it. It annoyed me further that I had finally found a cream product that I loved the formula of!

Because of the colour I decided one day to use it under my eyes as more of a concealer after I had applied all my eye make up etc just blend everything in make all the edges sharper. To my amazement it worked! I was so impressed with what it did, it even concealed my under eye bags just that little bit more which was amazing. It didn’t crease and lasted all day!

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I’m so happy that I can use both of these products and I really do love them. I don’t have much make up for Barry M but in recent months they have truly upped their game! I would highly recommend this duo especially if you are a contouring novice like me! It also taught me that if you aren’t happy with using a product one way, you should try it a different way because it may work out. You learn something new every day and I am so glad I persevered!

Let me know if you have tried these before or something similar – I want to hear your thoughts!

-A x


A/W Morning Skincare Routine

Hello my lovelies,

So a little while ago I did my A/W Evening Skincare Routine, see here and I realised I didn’t post my morning skincare routine. There isn’t much too my morning routine, I like to keep it simple and use as few products as possible as 9 times out of 10 I will be applying makeup and I don’t want my skin to feel heavy.

I like to stick to what I know and love so I don’t change my skincare up too often. If my skin is in good condition then I stick to the same products. I am always worried about trying new things and then I explode with a load of spots – what a lovely thought!

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – See Here

This is my first step in the morning to remove any dirt from over night and the sleep from my eyes. I like to feel fresh and clean especially when I know I am going to be applying make up. I literally love this product so much I go through so many bottles and it does the job without my skin feeling dry and it leaves me feeling more awake and ready to face the day.

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Liz Earle Eyebright, Soothing Eye Lotion – See Here

This is the next step in my routine to put some eye lotion over my eyes. Now I know most people would incorporate this in their evening routine but I feel as though this reduces my puffy eyes. I used to be a morning person, but now every second of extra sleep counts in the morning so I like to feel refreshed. This is perfect for that, one of the main ingredients in this product is aloe vera which acts as a moisturizer and aids with reducing redness. It reduces my puffy eyes in the morning which is most definitely needed. It smells gorgeous too which is a major plus!

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Liz Earle – Skin Repair Moisturizer See Here

This is last step in my simple morning routine which I think is the most important step. I really notice the difference if I forget to moisturize in the morning. My skin feels so soft after using this and is a great base for make up. I always use a primer for my make up and I think without using this my primers would not be as effective. When I’m having a no make up day (best kind of day) my skin lasts all day feeling smooth and hydrated. I am on my second tub of this and I simply don’t think anything else will compete. My love of Liz Earle will never leave.

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That is my nice and easy morning skincare routine for the colder months. It literally takes me less than 5 minutes which is a god send when I want a little more sleep in the cold dark mornings that the UK have.

Let me know what products are in your skincare routine & whether you have tried any of the products I have mentioned

-A x

Review – Elf Blush Pallet

Hello lovelies,

So as you know, I brought quite a few products in the month of December, See here and some of them were products I have never tried before so as I am trying them out I thought I would review them for you.

Elf is a brand that when I first started getting into make up which was around 6 years ago everyone raved about. Here in the UK they never had a store and it was online and I like to try things out and swatch before I buy which meant I never really brought anything. I was browsing on Amazon and saw they had some Elf products and it brought me back to watching old school YouTube, so I thought I would buy a product.

The product I chose was an Elf blush pallet, in Dark see here it was only £6 so I thought I would buy it. I haven’t brought any new blushes for a while so I was extremely excited to start using it. For me I believe that Elf have really upped their packaging game. It’s sleek and black – simple but elegant.

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The shades itself are absolutely beautiful. You go from orange toned blush to a more deep light plum shade. Yes I know my descriptive skills are not brilliant! In the bottom left hand corner the blush reminds me of ‘Orgasm’ from NARS. I’m not sure if that was what they were going for but I would say they are fairly similar in the way they look. I have never tried the NARS blush so I couldn’t tell you if it is a good dupe for it – sorry!

I love that this has a massive mirror in it too, this would be perfect for travelling with! I love products that have a mirror in, it just makes everything that little bit easier. I’m always the person that travels somewhere and forgets to bring a mirror so this is perfect!

All of the blush shades are completely wearable – well to me anyway. There is no out there shade that I think I would definitely would not wear. There is always that one shade in a pallet that is never used but I can tell you I have already used every shade and they suit me perfectly.

The pigmentation on these blushes is actually pretty impressive. A little really does go a long way – for the price this really is amazing. I’m not a fan of blushes that you really have to swirl the brush in for ages just to get a little bit of colour.

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Overall I am so impressed with this pallet – you really cannot go wrong for £6! The packaging actually feels substantial and doesn’t feel like it is going to break and the blushes are pretty darn good. I cannot wait to keep using these blushes as it is something I am leaning to more and more in my collection. I may even have to see what other products Elf have to offer!

Let me know if you own any Elf products and what you think of them

-A x

Top 3 – Mascaras

Hello my lovelies,

The next installment in my Top 3 series is on mascara. This is one of the first things as a young teenager I loved to wear. Still to this day if I apply make up mascara has to be applied. It completely changes the way your eyes and whole face generally looks.

I have short and stubby eyelashes which means that I need both length and volume. I have tried so many different mascaras in my time, some have been absolutely awful and some have been absolutely amazing. In my make up collection mascaras is something I love to collect and try out. I have somehow managed to whittle it down to just my top 3 to share with you.

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Maybelline – Lash Sensational See Here

So this really is my all time favourite drug store mascara. It works absolute wonders for my eyelashes. It lengthens as well as volumises – everything I need in a mascara! I have used this for a good couple of years now and I know there are still people raving about this and I can understand why. I personally think it rivals some of the high end mascaras out there.

I always think a good test of a mascara is whether it smudges onto the bottom of your eyes over the course of the day. I never have a problem with the mascara and it lasts all day. The one thing I would say is when I first tried this, I didn’t like it. I waited until it had dried a little and it was perfect for me. If you do buy it and you aren’t blown over with it, leave it for a while and persevere!

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Lancome – Hypnose Mascara See Here

I purchased this at IMATS last summer as I had heard the lovely Tanya Burr talk about Lancome mascaras, I didn’t know what to expect but I had high hopes. I was definitely not disappointed by this product, it is extremely voluminous which is what I love and also lengthening. I use this mainly on nights out when I want my lashes to stand out that little bit more. It is jet black and it a thick consistency.

I love the brush on this one also as it enables me to get right into the corner of my eyes and coat every lash. I don’t use this for my bottom lashes as it is so thick, so do bare this in mind. I don’t mind as I have so many mascaras I can use more than one at a time. I think I am going to try out some other mascaras from Lancome to see how they compare!

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Urban Decay – Perversion Mascara See Here

I am 100% in love with this mascara. I simply cannot live with out it, if I had to choose one it would be this one. This is more a volumising mascara as opposed to a lengthening mascara and I am totally ok with that. I use this almost every day as a second coat on my lashes to give them that bit more volume. I think you can tell I love a bit of volume!

This works brilliantly with all my other mascaras, but also works perfectly on its own. I know their is a primer that you can buy with this but I really don’t think it needs one, well not for me anyway. I love the packaging of this, like all of Urban Decay really. There is so much product inside of the tube, I have had this for a little while now and I don’t feel like it is running out any time soon. I think it is the perfect mascara if you are wanting a reliable high end mascara.

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Let me know what your favourite mascaras are as I am always on the hunt for new ones and love to hear your recommendations!

-A x

Review – Threads False Eyelashes

Hello my lovelies,

I’m not normally a fan of false eye lashes. They always seem to irritate me in some way and I always end up taking them off. I know they are false lashes but I like a more fluttery, natural look when I wear eye lashes rather than a fake strip lash. This is obviously personal preference and I have never found a pair of lashes that ticked all the right boxes.

I was kindly sent 3 different sets of eyelashes from Threads Beauty see here, now I have never heard of the brand before but as you know I am all up for giving products a go. The three different styles I received was: Vava Voom, Charlston and Rock Chick.


For the purpose of the review, I decided to opt for the Charleston Lashes. I have road tested these over a number of days for long periods of time to give you a true indication of how good they truly are.


-All the lashes had a thick strip which was easy to apply to my lash line. I am awful at applying false lashes as I never really wear them so knowing that they are easy to apply is a winner for me.

-The lashes are incredibly lightweight, I mean I’m completely impressed that half the time I forgot that I was wearing them. I kept having to touch them every so often to make sure they were still on my eyes as it did not feel heavy whatsoever.

-Over all three of the different styles each individual lash is incredibly fine, giving a more natural look which is definitely what I look for. Further reading into this brand shows that all lashes are handmade which is incredible!

-I’m not normally a fan of eyelash glue that comes in the packs, the only eye lash glue I use is Duo sometimes its good to stick with what you love. I did try the glue in the pack as it is obviously part of the review and my oh my am I impressed. It came out blue, which scared me a little but it dried completely clear. I had the lashes for well over 8 hours every time I tried the lashes and they literally did not budge. How amazing!?


Unfortunately a product is never completely perfect and there will always be a negative in some way. These may not bother you in the slightest but I think it’s always good to give a true indication of what they are like both positive and negative.

-The packaging is a little basic, obviously the product itself is amazing but these do retail for £9 so personally I expect a little more especially to make them a little more eye catching.

-When you open the box, I am a complete novice and I like the little ‘L’ and ‘R’ to tell me what lash is what and unfortunately it doesn’t have that. I’m sure to most people this is not a problem but for a novice like me I like to know I am putting them on the right eye!

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Overall I really love these lashes. They look incredibly natural and not overpowering, they lasted a whole day which makes me more inclined to wear these more often. For me, they have really made me want to wear false eyelashes more frequently because of how comfortable they are. They are a little pricey at £9 but you have to treat yourself and for an event like a wedding you need to know they are going to stay on all day and I would 100% trust that they would.

They are a UK brand which operate in Ireland and I am hoping they will become more widely available in England as I am so impressed. A big thumbs up from me!

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-A x