Cleansers VS Make Up Wipes

Hello my lovelies,

There has always been a debate on using Make Up Wipes and a lot of bloggers and influential people in the beauty world will tell you do not use them. Unless you want to pay £20+ for a pack and again they still don’t really compete. Now this post is inspired by some of my lovely friends who having been asking me how I have such clear skin and how I take up my make up off. To my shock I found out that to remove their make up they use a make up wipe and that’s it no moisturiser nothing. I’m no skin care guru and I don’t claim to be but I thought I would explain the difference of the two and the pro’s and con’s.



Now, there are 100’s of different cleansers on the market from creams to oils and they do a fantastic job. Not only do they remove your make up they actually clean your skin. They always have a lot of skin care benefits enriched with vitamins  that your skin needs.  These are just a few of mine, I started using cleansers around 3/4 years ago and I have never looked back. In one sitting my make up can be removed and my skin feels clean and smooth.

With most cleansers you smooth it onto the skin and remove with warm water and a flannel. Now, some evenings I am lazy and can’t be bothered to do this so I would reach for a cleansing milk instead – not make up wipes! I am a firm believer in taking time with your skin and some products won’t agree with your skin for whatever reason but there are always products out there for everyone.


Better for your skin

Deep Cleanses the skin

Smooths skin

Hydrates the skin

Removes dead skin cells from your face


Normally more expensive than make up wipes

Slightly time consuming

Will always need to have a flannel with you

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Make Up Wipes

When I was younger I used these all the time to remove my make up. They were quick and easy and I didn’t really think about what it was doing to my skin. As I got older and I applied more make up I realised that it became that little bit harder to remove. My skin would become red and blotchy and was extremely dry after use. I didn’t like the feel of how it left my skin after I had taken my make up off. I felt like all the goodness had been drawn from face – it was horrible!

Now I’m not saying that they are a bad product I occasionally use them when I am extremely lazy and that’s the closest thing to me but the next morning my skin looks and feels horrible and I instantly regret it.

The only way I would be able to use this is to take my make up off with wipes and then cleanse which would then follow with the rest of my routine. To me that is a lot more effort and I’m adding another step which I don’t need to do. I think people that use make up wipes forget that you still need to look after your skin and inject goodness back in. I always think you wouldn’t wash your hair without conditioner and the cleanser, toner and night cream is exactly that.


Cheap to buy

Quick and Easy

Can be effective with minimal make up on


Dries the skin out

Does not deep clean the skin

Does not moisturise or give any goodness to the skin.

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After actually highlighting all of this I believe it is a no brainer that a cleanser is a lot better than make up wipes. They have skin care benefits that most make up wipes simply cannot compete with. I know when your young it’s easy to pick up wipes and they do their job but I believe it is crucial to look after your skin when you are young and that includes making sure make up it taken off correctly.

A few of my friends explain about their spots and redness and while some of these are hormonal and their are other reasons I am certain that having a good skincare routine would help their skin and spots would not be as painful and severe. A cleanser would massively help with this and you are giving your skin a chance to be properly cleaned and dead skin cells to be removed which make up wipes simply cannot do.

These are merely my opinions and I am not trying to make anyone buy something they aren’t comfortable with. I just want people to be aware that there are so many products on the market that will dramatically change your skin. If you are happy using make up wipes then that’s cool but make sure you at least moisturise to give your skin a chance.

I hope this has helped and let me know where you fall on this debate!

-A x

61 thoughts on “Cleansers VS Make Up Wipes

  1. Great post and I agree….cleanser is better than wipes. I know people who use baby wipes to remove makeup! I think that wipes are all well and good at removing the makeup, but I’d use a wipe if I’ve used lots of makeup, then I would use my cleanser anyway to really clean my face. Since I’ve had a good skin care routine, all general acne has gone and I’m purely left with hormonal acne on my chin but like you say, not as bad as when I didn’t have a good skincare routine. Great, informative post 🙂 x

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  2. I always keep a packet of Johnsons Makeup Remover Wipes for Dry Skin (they have loads of different ones) and these are literally the best wipes! They’re super hydrating and they’re good at getting rid of stubborn makeup. I agree, makeup wipes aren’t really the best but if your looking for something to get makeup off quickly I’d recommend these! You should try them out. – Lauren x 🙂

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  3. I’ve never tried a cleanser to take off my make up even though people rave about it. Maybe I just haven’t found one that has caught me eye. But for some strange reason, I always had it in my head that if the cleaner is wiping off my make up that I feel like I’m just rubbing the excess make up right into my skin? Please tell me I’m wrong because I really do want to try cleaners. It’ll be so much easier and one less step if I can just clean off my make up and cleanse my face at the same time! SOS

    xo, JJ


    1. It doesn’t rub the make up further. I’m actual fact it brings it all to the surface especially all the dirt deep within your pores as horrible as the sounds 🙈 they are so much better for you skin. I would highly recommend the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Have you tried that before? Xo

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      1. I haven’t, is that a brand I can find at my local target?! lol if not I’ll look for it online- i definitely think i want to give a makeup remover cleanser a try! I’m sold after this post!


  4. A really informative post. Someone once told me that makeup wipes can actually age the skin because it ‘drags’ the skin down which can cause it to sag and lose its elasticity. Not sure how true this is but I have t touched them since! Xx

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  5. I have to disagree! I have used cleaners before but just think that they are a bit of a faff. You have to use water on your face afterwards which I don’t really like to do. I use babywipes on my face! Maybe this is really bad but I just think it does the job quicker! I have just done a post about my fav products. It would be fab if you could have a look 🙂


  6. I literally hate wipes! I’m trying to avoid them as much as possible! I prefer to spend 5 min and clean everything from my face rather than make a big mess. Maybe I just haven’t found the right ones, but they are a big no no to me.

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  7. Completely agree with you! I used to use wipes all the time to remove my makeup and didn’t see a problem with it. I then changed to cleansers, and for the first time in months, I actually saw my skin completely naked! Not only did I find them not to remove my makeup fully and, skin would still get breakouts from wipes (from them not removing the makeup) but I mum told me how they actually cause wrinkles in the skin due to the hard rubbing you have to do! xx

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    1. It’s actually so bad & so many people still use them I think people think it’s the easier but I don’t see much difference in time. Cleanser is always soooo much better and I feel so clean!xo


      1. Exactly! Would rather spend an extra couple of minutes using a cleanser, knowing my skin isn’t going to hate me! x

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  8. I’ve never even heard of cleansing milk! I’ve always just fallen back on makeup wipes but they always leave some makeup behind and the ones that I use generally have a few in the packet and are so expensive! (I know, I need to switch brands haha!). I’m just so lazy! Great post xx

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  9. I love this post and this perspective and I completely agree!! I wish I could show this to all my friends who so a quick wipe after a long day of full makeup and then jump in bed. Loved this post, very in depth. You definitely show which is better and make us believe it! I’m sure I could change anyones mind with this post

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    1. Thank you so much 🙈 this is such a lovely thing to say. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wrote this post mainly because friends and family were using wipes and I thought it’s about time to educate people & all bar one no longer use wipes. Sometimes it’s good to educate – get them to read this post, see what they think xo

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