Top 3 – Face Masks

Hello my lovelies,

My next installment is on my favourite face masks. They are an essential part in a pamper routine and a perfect way to de-stress and relax. Whether your in the bath or reading a book for 15 minutes it’s time for your face to have a detox and top up on some goodness that your skin may be lacking.

I have tried and tested many face masks in my time and I much prefer face masks that come in a bottle or tub that you can use again and again rather than buying the sachets it seems much more cost effective to me.

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1.The Body Shop – Warming Mineral Mask

Unfortunately the one I have seems to have been discontinued which makes me very sad, but there is a similar one here

This face mask is a self warming clay mask. Now this worried me a little about it heating up on my face but actually I love it. It’s very thick as you can imagine with a clay mask and when you are moving it around the skin it starts to warm up. It’s a very strange but satisfying feeling. It’s a deep cleansing treatment for your skin which is aimed at opening your pores to get all of the rubbish out of your skin. It has ginger and cinnamon oils to purify and improve the condition of your skin.

I leave this on my face for around 15 minutes, I like to give it time to sink right into my skin. When I take it off my skin feels amazing, it’s so soft and my pores always look so much better. Luckily this is for all skin types so everyone is a winner! I think clay treatments are my favourite and I love the results this face mask gives me!

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2. Simple – Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask £3.99 See Here

I love Simple as a skin care brand I think their products are amazing for the price and this one does not disappoint. It has lots of different vitamins in that draw out the dirt deep within your skin along with eliminating dead skin cells.  It has the typical Simple scent that shouldn’t offend anyone which actually I like because I’m a little picky when it comes to scents. This face mask is more cream based and isn’t as thick.

I leave this face mask on for around 10 minutes and then remove. I guess you could leave this on for as long as you want because it will not get hard so you can’t move your mouth like a clay mask. I use this when my skin is in fairly good condition and just want to add some goodness into my skin. I normally use this in my pamper routine because I can leave it on for as a long as I want while I am doing other things. I believe this for all skin types again so perfect if you are on the hunt for a new mask!

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3. Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask £15.75 See Here

Last by no means least it’s a Liz Earle face mask, no shocker here. I don’t think I can do a skincare post without including something from this brand. I actually received this free with another Liz Earle product and I was so excited to try it. I think this is my most favourite one, it is always the one I reach for. Again this is another clay mask which purifies and regulates oiliness. I get an oily T-Zone so I always like to use products that will help combat this. It has quite a strong smell, which is the only draw back to this it’s a rather earthy scent but I put this down to the clay used.

Every time I use this product my face is glowing after. My skin feels so soft and clean for days after. I sometimes find that face masks look amazing as soon as they have been taken off and the next day your skin doesn’t look as good but this one does! I leave this on until I can’t move my mouth, yes I’m one of those people – I just love the feeling of it! This face mask is targeted towards people who have combination, oily or problem prone skin which I guess this is all of us at some point. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who have sensitive skin though due to the ingredients in the mask.

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Let me know what your favourite mask is – I am always on the hunt to try new ones!

-A x


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