Make Up Tag with my Boyfriend

Hello my lovelies

I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would do something a little different and test my boyfriend on his makeup knowledge. I thought it would be funny to test exactly how much he knows as he thinks he has a good knowledge of makeup! I have seen this on a few people’s blogs and I thought I would give this a go.

1. How much do you think you know about makeup? 

A lot considering how much I buy you! 

2. Have you ever brought me makeup item that you had no idea what it was for? 

No – I pretty much know what I buy you and how you use it.

3. Name something you have brought me 

Erm, a Dior lipgloss 

If I’m honest this was a impressive present that I didn’t ask for!

4. Describe the item 

It’s in a tall plastic container, it has a Dior logo on it. It is a square shape and the top you twist to open and there was a bobble on top. I think the packaging was silver… 

In the next part I’m going to give you make up items and you need to describe what they are:

Concealer – 

Isn’t it a creamy colour which makes your face a lot smoother and covers up your spots? 

Im not too sure the colour is cream but I suppose he is half right!

Mascara – 

A dark black colour that you apply on your eyelashes. It curls them and makes them look darker 

Not sure how you get dark black, but near enough

Foundation – 

It gives the skin a better look, makes your face look brighter and you put this on after concealer. It’s a creamy colour and if you out too much on it make you look tangoed. 

For the record I apply my foundation before concealer, but good try!

Strobing – 

Never heard of it.. 

Lipstick – 

You get loads of different colours of this. It makes your lips stand out more. You can get different types of lipstick including matte, gloss and shimmer. You can also apply a lip liner before lipstick. 


Lipgloss – 

Gives your lips a shine. They can moisturise the lips too! 

Eyeshadow – 

You get loads of different colours, makes your eyes look brighter 

Umm not sure about this answer…

Bronzer – 

Gives you a final colour in your face, a bronze colour on your cheeks. Gives your face a shine 

Not convinced with this answer either!

Highlighter – 

You put it under your eyes don’t you.. 

Contour – 

I don’t know 

Brow Gel – 

It’s for your eyebrows, they are slick. Sets them in shape and combs your hairs 

Primer – 

You use it before you apply makeup. It protects and moisturises and makes your makeup stay on all day. 

That’s a pretty good attempt..

BB Cream-  

I don’t know 

Micellar Water – 

This gets rid of your makeup and cleanses your face 


You apply it on your lash line, it’s normally black 

Blusher – 

Gives your rosey cheeks! 

Was this hard? 

Yes, harder than I thought! 

Do you think you could do my makeup the same way I do it? 

No – because you’re much better at it than me and it looks good on you. 

How cute is he!?

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend Tom for participating in this! Have you done this with your boyfriend? It’s a real eye opener to how much they pay attention!

-A x

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