December Wishlist

Hello my lovelies,

I like the idea of talking about products that I would love to purchase this month. This is my first one I am doing and I am quite excited. I watch an awful lot of YouTube and read a lot of blogs which makes me want to buy almost everything I see but I have narrowed it down to what I really want to buy this month.

I know this is December and it should be a Christmas wishlist but I was super organised and sent it to my family in September/October time which were completely different products – I’m hoping if anyone is struggling of what time buy me still though – this may help!


  1. Morphe – 350 35 Colour Nature Glow Eyeshadow Pallet Picture/Link to Website

I have seen an awful lot of people rave about the pallet and the brand itself if I am honest. Countless times I have gone onto the Beauty Bay website to purchase this and something has always held me back. Probably my sensible conscience telling me I already have lots of eyeshadow pallets but now I want it. I love all the different colours in here and I can’t see a shade that I will not use which is always a bonus. I think these retail for around £21 which is a bargain when you come to think of it. Currently it is out of stock and I am praying I can get my hands on this soon!

2. Too Faced – Hangover Face Primer Picture/Link to Website

I can’t live without a primer in my life and although I have some amazing primers that I already own I am always on the hunt for a new one. I have been debating this one for quite some time and I have decided this is the next one I want to invest in. I haven’t heard any negative things about this product – maybe I haven’t been looking for them!  However all the reviews I have read have been amazing and is one of their top primers. I think the one thing that has always stopped me buying this product is the price, it is on the pricey side, I suppose you could say it is an investment piece? You do only live once though right and money is meant to be spent? I don’t have many Too Faced products and I think this is a perfect way to add to my collection.

3. Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Picture/Link to Website

I think everyone and their dog has one of these liquid lipsticks apart from me! It is even easier to buy these now as they are finally here in the UK, Debenhams you are my savior! My only problem is that I like to test a product out before I buy something to make sure I am going to like it. I’m a fussy person and I hate buying something and turning out to be something I dislike and won’t use. Unfortunately Kat Von D is not rolled out to all Debenhams stores so I think this is why I have been reluctant to pick one up. However, it is time to bite the bullet and now I want one. I think the colour I want to try first is Lolita II and at £16 I don’t know why I haven’t brought it yet!

4. GHD – V Copper Luxe Straighteners Picture/Link to Website

I am a massive lover of GHD’s I would never buy a different brand of straighteners. They are so sleek and I have never known any other product to give me results like GHD. I have had a few pairs in my time, my current pair are currently with my best friend Charlotte as she is in need of them more than me. I don’t straighten my hair an awful lot, I’m a simple person but who could turn down a copper set of straighteners!? Certainly not me and I want them so bad. They look so beautiful I keep just staring at them wishing they would be mine. Lets count my lucky stars that somehow I will be able to get these as they are limited edition!

5. Laura Mercier – Translucent Loose Setting Powder Picture/Link to Website

Again this is a product that is massively hyped up in the beauty world. I have always been scared of using a loose powder as it seems that it would be extremely messy! When everyone started raving about this I decided to head down to my local Boots and try a cheap loose powder to see if I could use it successfully and how it applied. I really enjoyed wearing it under my eyes and I still do but I want to invest in one and I think this is the perfect one.

6. Charlotte Tilbury – Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Pallet Picture/Link to Website

First off, who doesn’t love Charlotte Tilbury? The brand and the packaging are absolutely beautiful and the products are extremely good quality! I have a few items from Charlotte Tilbury and I cannot get enough! I already have an eyeshadow pallet and the pigmentation is amazing. The colours always work so well together and this one looks like it will not disappoint. I am a sucker for a nude pallet and anything that has a little glitter to it and this ticks all the boxes. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for – pure heaven on your eyelids!

Let me know what is on your wishlist this month!

-A x

21 thoughts on “December Wishlist

  1. I hear nothing but good things about the Kat Von D lipsticks, I want to try one out myself! Ive never heard of GHD, but Im also in need of a new straightener, maybe I’ll add that to my list too 😉 wishing that you get everything you ask for!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I still haven’t tried using a face primer.. I just use aveeno facial lotion before I put on my make up. Does the primer make a big difference?

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  3. I love Morphe so much! It’s amazing and I really wish I owned one of their palettes. I’ve been tempted to for so long. Also, those GHD’s are gorgeous!

    – Chloe

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