Top 3 – Highlighters

Hello my lovelies,

I love highlighters, I can’t go out of the house with a little sparkle on the top of my cheeks. If someone said to me 2 years ago highlighters would be a staple in your make up collection I would of laughed. I didn’t really understand the hype until I brought one and it changed my life forever! It helps that they look beautiful in the pan, you just want to put it on your face.

This time of year especially I like to go all out on my highlighter – who doesn’t want a sparkle and added light to the face at Christmas! I have so many different highlighters and it has become a massive thing in the world of beauty. I thought I would share with you my top 3 which was extremely hard to choose as I love so many but I can’t live without these!


1. MAC, Minralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. £24 Buy it Here

I think this is a staple in most beauty lovers collections. I have had this for around 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for MAC’s packaging anyway and I love that you can see how beautiful this is even without opening it. It is extremely shimmery and a lot of glitter so it may be something to consider if that isn’t for you but I love it. This is my go to highlight when I want to go all out and shimmer all day and night.

It is extremely pigmented a little does go a long way! I have had this for so long and barely made a dent in it, so it really is an investment piece. It is a gold/bronze shade so perfect for summer when you have a tan.

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2. The Balm, Mary-Lou Manizer £17.49 Buy it Here

Again this is another one that has been highly hyped up in the beauty world. I know it was a little tricky to get hold of when it was first released here in the UK, but now it is stocked at Superdrug – AMAZING! I am always worried when a product is so hyped up that it will disappoint me but in fact it exceeded my expectations.

I love the packaging from The Balm it is a little different and it looks so pretty on my dressing table. I use this highlighter more on a daily basis as it is not as shimmery as MAC’s soft and gentle. It is a beautiful champagne shade which just glides onto my skin and stays all day. I also put this on my nose and my cupids bow. Again it is a little pricey but you get what you pay for and more with this product. I could not live without this one! Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

3. Makeup Revolution, Highlighter Palette in Radiance £8 Buy it Here

A highlighter palette – yes please! I love Makeup Revolution and I fell in love even more when I found out that they did highlighter palettes. This is a dupe for the hourglass ambient lighting palette – not that I have it but the shades are fairly similar.

They are more of a subtle highlight again I use this mainly for every day when I just want to add a little something to my face. They are not as pigmented as the other two products I have mentioned, but I’m ok with swirling my brush in for a little longer especially for the price. 3 highlighters for £8 – bargain! I’m really impressed with these and they are probably my most used as for work etc. I don’t want to have a lot of product on my face. I would highly recommend this if you are wanting to dip into the beautiful world of highlighters.

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Let me know what your favorite highlighters are!

-A x


27 thoughts on “Top 3 – Highlighters

      1. I suggest all eyeshadows are perfect. Colaboration with Kathleen perfect lipsticks liquid satin lips. Perfect choice. And the highlighters are awesome for 6$ I love them even more. And the shadows are 5$ each. Try something. The liquid lipsticks are perfect but the satin finish even more 🙂

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  1. I would love to try the palette it looks gorgeous! At the moment I’m loving Collection Speedy Highlighter which is great and so affordable!

    Hannah |

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  2. I am soooo glad you did this post. I need to get my hand on some good highlighters so I have been wanting someone to do a post like this ❤ I totally want the Mac one. It looks absolutely stunning.

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