Top 3 – Perfumes

Hello my lovelies,

My next installment is on perfumes. I love applying perfume, it is such a good way to start to the day smelling amazing. It is the last thing I apply on my beauty regime and I could not be without it. I have a large collection of perfumes and it was extremely hard to choose just 3. I am always mixing my fragrances up and these 3 I simply cannot live without.


1.Marc Jacobs – Dot. £50

I love this fragrance, it is a perfume that I wear on a daily basis as it is not too heavy. I’m awful at describing scents and I always wish there was a way you can pass the smell onto people. At first glance the bottle is beautiful, extravagant yet pretty on the dressing table. I love most of Marc Jacobs scents but this one just tops the rest.  It’s main smell is a floral scent which is a little on the sweet side. It’s not too overpowering and lasts all day.

The top notes are red berries which is why it is on the sweeter side, the heart scent is Jasmine with the base notes being driftwood. I’m not scent specialist and I don’t claim to know much about it, but it really is beautiful.

I haven’t heard too much about this on social media but it’s not normally what people talk about. I would highly recommend this to someone who is looking for a new scent and love Marc Jacobs perfumes.


2. Jo Malone – English Pear and Freesia £43

Who doesn’t love Jo Malone? What a beautiful brand. I literally haven’t put anything on my skin that I don’t love. They have something for everyone, depending on your mood and the occasion. I love going into the shop and having a massage and trying new scents and of course being pampered. The only problem is that I can’t walk out without buying something which can prove costly!

The packaging is very basic, but elegant. Whenever I see any Jo Malone product I just fall in love instantly it’s so sheek! This is on the sweeter side with its top note being pear but it is also quite earthy. I suppose that doesn’t make sense but it is not a sickly sweet scent I promise you. I feel like a strong independent woman and can achieve anything when I wear this – silly I know. The other notes of this scent is freesia and patchouli. It lasts all day, but I normally wear this on a special occasion as I do unfortunately use this sparingly because of the price.


3. Paul Smith, Women. £18.99

This is another perfume I wear on a daily basis, there isn’t anything too special about this but it really does hit the mark. The bottle is basic pink which is not what I like but it’s not all about looks is it! The scent is floral with a sweet tone, the top notes include pink pepper and clementine. The heart notes include Freesia and Green Tea along with Patchouli. This has some of the same notes as my Jo Malone perfume but they are completely different.

Sometimes a perfume doesn’t need to be special, especially day to day which means this is a perfect scent for running errands and boring life things. Everyone needs to smell good no matter what you are doing – right?   paul-smith

Let me know what some of your favourite perfumes are!



21 thoughts on “Top 3 – Perfumes

  1. Marc Jacob’s Daisy is one of my favourite perfumes so I will have to check out Dot!

    Surprisingly, I still haven’t checked out Jo Malone at all but I always hear nice things, especially at this time of year!

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  2. Very nice picks, i’ve never tried `any of them but i’ve had friends who use them all the time. My top 3 at the moment are Jimmy Choo Illicit, YSL Black Opium and my number 1 Ellie Saab Le Parfum Intense absolutely gorgeous smell…Thanks for sharing, i’d love to try the Jo Malone sometime xo

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