Hairstyle – French Braids

Hello my lovelies,

This post is a little different, I’m going to say that hairstyles are included with beauty. Let me know if you aren’t a fan but it’s always good to mix it up a bit!

Now, I have never been a person to do much with my hair. It’s either up or down and if I am going somewhere fancy I may curl my hair but that is as far as I go. Boring I know, but recently I have been trying to practice new hair styles and this one I have worn a few times and I have fallen in love.

I love braids and since I was a child I have always wanted to be able to french braid, but I have never had the patience to do it. This is all change and finally I have been able to do it and I am so happy with the results and I thought I would share with you the final outcome and the products I used to achieve it.


I always brush my hair with a tangle teaser, I have quite a few of them and I cannot live without one! They always manage to remove the knots out of my hair, it leaves my hair less static which is what my problem was with just a normal hair brush – LIFESAVER!

My hair is very fine so normally when I do something with my hair it never stays and looks awful,I have no volume to my hair and it is a little limp. I started off with using some dry shampoo in order to put texture in my hair so the braid would hold a little longer.

I began braiding – just so you know this did take me a while but as they say practice makes perfect! I’m no pro at this but I think it is always good to share tips and tricks where you can. If you want to learn how to do a french braid I would suggest watching some YouTube videos, that is how I learnt anyway.

Once I have completed the braid I always pull my hair out aΒ little so it doesn’t look so slick I’m not for that look. I played around with it until I was happy and made sure I used hairspray so it doesn’t move. I’m a bit cheeky with this hairstyle and leave it in for a couple of days, I did say I was lazy! I love this hairstyle because I can leave it in and then not have to worry about it for days if I please.


Let me know what your favourite hair styles as I am keen to learn some new ones so my hair is no longer boring!


Also a special mention to my lovely sister for taking pictures of my hair!

-A x

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