Empties #1

Hello my lovelies,

I love reading blogs of what people have used up. It is one thing reading reviews but it takes a lot longer to use a product up. It gives a true indication of what someone thinks of a product and whether they would repurchase, which is important to me.

So here are my empties, thank god I can throw the products away know. Hello new beauty items!

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1.Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner – £3 


Just so you know the reason why the shampoo is not included in this as I always use the conditioner up so much quicker than the shampoo. I still 1/4 of the bottle left. I wish brands would realise this and create bigger conditioner bottles! I hate using a different conditioner with the shampoo as I don’t think it is able to give you the desired effect which they promote.

Anyway, rant over I loved this conditioner. My hair is long and constantly falls out, I brush it and it looks as though half my head of hair has come off! When I saw this range I thought it would be perfect to use to strengthen my hair. It did just that, it made my hair feel smooth after washing and although it is no miracle product my hair did strengthen and I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out as much.

I would repurchase this but I have a lot of other shampoo and conditioners to use up but this is definitely on my list for when I am running low!

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2. Maybelline Lash Sensational in Black – £7.99


So I think every woman and their dog has raved about this product! At first I was a little skeptical and I didn’t understand why people were so impressed by it. It didn’t do anything special to my lashes and after a while I stopped using it. About 6 months ago I started using it again as I forgot why I didn’t like it and I fell in love. I don’t know whether it is because it had dried a little but it really did make such a difference. My lashes look so volumised and separated when I use this and that is the exact look I go for.

I would say to anyone who has this that isn’t a fan to keep going with it and I’m sure you will love it. Would I repurchase? I already have because I didn’t want to run out. This is becoming one of my favourite mascaras of all time!

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3. Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash – £1.29


I love the simple skin care range I think that it is amazing for their price point and I haven’t come across a product I don’t like. This has certainly not disappointed. I have been through countless bottles of this and I will continue to repurchase this forever more! It makes my skin feel so smooth and washes away all the oils and rubbish that sticks to your skin throughout the day. I use this in the shower, don’t worry I turn the temperature down! At this point all my make up has been removed, so it acts as it my final clean of the day.

I can’t recommend this enough it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Cheap and cheerful I can’t complain!

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4. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. £22


This was my first high end foundation that I brought and I made sure that I was skin matched. I also brought a pump because I do not like pouring foundations onto my hands I was always concerned that I would pour too much out. I had been eyeing up this foundation for a long time before buying and I am so glad I did. I would say this is a medium coverage foundation that is very much buildable. It lasts on my skin all day and leaves quite a matte finish.

My only concern is that my skin does get oily throughout the day and it is not brilliant at oil control but with a top up of powder everything is good again.

I am now currently on my third bottle of this and it is my favourite foundation. I truly love this foundation and I couldn’t rate this more highly. It is the perfect foundation for someone who is wanting to venture into high end foundations.

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5. Yankee Candle, Christmas Eve – £9


I am a sucker for candles, I was gifted this candle last year for Christmas and I loved the scent. The only problem was that I could only burn this for a short while as Christmas was over. As soon as November was here I was burning this candle 24/7 and sadly I have used this all up.

The only problem with the Christmas scents is that you can only burn them for such a small amount of time of the year. The notes of this scent is sugared plums and candied fruits. It seems as though that it would be sickly sweet but it isn’t. Its a beautifully balanced scent and I am gutted that it is all used up.

I would definitely repurchase this but as it is growing closer to Christmas and I have lots of other candles to burn I think I will buy this for next year.

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I just want to say thank you to my lovely boyfriend, Tom who took these photos for me today.

-A x



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