Top 3 – Autumn Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies,

This is another installment of my Top 3 products, this one is a little more seasonal but I could never just choose 3 lipsticks of my whole collection.I change them up so often depending on the time of year. I love lipsticks I cannot wear makeup without putting on a swipe of lipstick, I normally go for a bolder lip never been a nude gal. So as its colder obviously the shade of lipsticks I wear change and I thought I would share them with you.

It was extremely hard just to choose three as I have quite a collection but I could not live without these shades!


1.Charlotte Tilbury in Love Liberty – £23,default,pd.html

I love that Charlotte Tilbury is now stocked in House of Fraser it makes it so much easier to get hold of and I can use my reward card. I actually brought this in the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden and let me tell you it is truly beautiful in there. I don’t know how anyone would be able to walk into the shop without buying anything!

Anyway, I prefer a matte lip especially for this time of year so this lipstick is from their Matte Revolution range and my oh my they are lovely! The formulation of them is beautiful it isn’t too drying on the lip and actually holds up throughout the day. I do have to top up probably towards the end of the day but I’m okay with that. It is extremely easy to apply especially with the way the lipstick is designed. My hands always shake when I apply lipstick and always ends up everywhere but with the shape of it, it makes it a whole lot easier.

If this didn’t impress you enough – can we just look at the packaging!? I’m a sucker for packaging and sometimes you are disappointed with the product inside but not this one. It is a truly elegant lipstick and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more.


2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick, 107 – £5.49 

Now this is a cult autumnal shade that I think most people own and I always love this time of year where I can bring it out and wear this beautiful shade. It is the most beautiful berry shade that is not too daring. Maybe because I always wear bright and bold shades but I think you could wear this during the day and get away with it. I certainly do and I could not live without the shade.

I have a lot of lipsticks from the Kate Moss range and I am always so impressed. This one is a little drying compared to the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick but it definitely does not cling to your dry patches which I love. Again this is a matte lipstick and the formulation again is lovely. Especially for the drugstore this is a real gem, the packaging isn’t anything special but I’m ok with that because of what is inside!


3. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Venom – £15,default,pd.html

So last but no means least this is the boldest shade of the three and and absolutely love it! This is not a matte lipstick it is a cream finish and actually I’m glad it is. It is beautiful formulation especially for this shade, I would be worry that if this was matte it would sink into the dry areas of my lips.

I love wearing this when I am going out in the evening as it is a little different. Most people this time of year rock a red or a berry shade but as this is a dark purple I stand out of the crowd a little. Whenever I am wearing this shade I always have people come up to me and ask me what it is which is always a bonus.

I usually pair this with a standard purple lip liner just so it stays on for longer especially on a night out I don’t want to be worrying about whether it is all over my face.

It is the perfect lipstick for anyone who wants to be a little different during the season and if you have the guts I would totally go for it. This is my first Urban Decay lipstick and I actually prefer them more to my MAC ones!


Let me know what your favourite autumn lipsticks are!

-A x


12 thoughts on “Top 3 – Autumn Lipsticks

  1. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are everything I look for in a lipstick! My favourite Autumn shade is Glastonberry, which is a lovely purple shade, but I recently brought Hels Bells which is a more berry toned purple. Gorgeous! Xx

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  2. I ADORE 107 so much, I think I’ve repurchased it at least 6/7 times since I first started using it. I kinda use it all the time though rather than a seasonal, but it definitely suits this time of year!

    – Chloe

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