A/W Evening Skincare Routine

Hello my lovelies,

At this time of year when it gets colder it’s really important to look after your skin. I only started a routine about a year ago making sure I took my makeup off every evening. At first, it was such a chore but now it’s my favourite part of the day. It is so satisfying having silky soft skin after and then jumping into bed.

In the Autumn and Winter I opt for much more richer products to ensure my skin is fully hydrated and doesn’t dry out!


Garnier Micellar Water – £4.99

http://www.boots.com/en/Garnier-Micellar-Cleansing-Water-400ml_1440752/ (currently on offer for £3.33!)

I cannot live without this micellar water it is my holy grail product. I use it morning and night I have gone through countless bottles of this. I always use it before I cleanse to remove my eye make up, my eyes are always a little sensitive so this is perfect for it. I hold it on my eye for 10 seconds and wipe away and all my eye makeup disappears. I know this is so hyped up but it really is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. It also does a good job of taking my face make up off when I am having a lazy day.


 Ren, Hot Cloth Cleanser – £16 


I love this cleaner a little more than the Liz Earle one! I know people swear by it and I do love it but I love this a little more. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. A hot cloth cleaner is a definite winner on a cold winters evening as you can swipe your make up off with a nice hot flannel and warms you up at the same time. I have gone through a few bottles of this and absolutely love it. The cleanser is for all skin types so this should work if you have sensitive skin. It is well worth looking into if you are on the hunt for a new hot cloth cleaner.


Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – £14.50 


This is normally the part of my routine that I miss out, bad I know! I love the feeling this gives me, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and makes sure there is nothing left from my cleanse that may of been missed. It contains such lovely ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cucumber which obviously helps to soothe the skin and leave you with radiant looking skin. I don’t think I have met a person that doesn’t love Liz Earle skin care!


Liz Earle Eyebright – £13.25


My eyes do get quite dry especially during the colder months so this really is a life saver. Another Liz Earle product I know but I cannot fault it. It soothes my skin around my eyes leaving them so soft. I don’t use anything for my eyes in warmer months as I don’t feel I need to, but in the colder months an eye lotion or cream is a definite must for me. I haven’t tried many other eye creams so let me know what your favourite is!


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – £24 


Finally my night cream I am in love with the product. I know the range is for the older lady but its never to early to curb those wrinkles that we all will get. I just love the product, it is a different texture to most, its very bouncy but it is absolutely incredible. I put this on just before I go to bed as it is quite thick and it takes a while to sink into the skin but it works wonders over night – trust me! When I wake up the next morning it’s like I have new skin all my imperfections and blemishes look a whole lot better.


Let me know if you have tried any of these products.

-A x

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