Autumn Nails

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to go through my go to nail colour which I LOVE to use at this time of the year. I hate painting my nails as I’m no pro, I have such shaky hands and it always goes everywhere. I lack patience! I do try to paint my nails weekly but there are sometimes where I do forget, I always prefer my nails painted than bare its just such a chore for me!

Anyway, at this time of year I love running to my darker shades of nail polish. My nails always look that little bit better and because a lot of my clothes are dark it just works. I must have such a dark personality but I love a bit of black!


I’m not a massive fan of red nail polish but I always end up wearing this around Christmas and I don’t wear it for very long! This colour is what I prefer wearing which is so much more comfortable.

The Nail Polish – Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss in Disco Fever – £1.75

I love the whole range Salon Pro range I have quite a few, I always pick up new ones quite frequently. The formula is amazing, you only need two coats and your good to go! The brush of the nail polish is probably the best part about this as it’s a lot bigger than your average size brush. Which means for a novice like me a couple of swishes of the brush and you’re done. The colour itself is beautiful it’s a berry colour but not too deep for autumn it has a beautiful tone of purple to it which I just love!


When I paint my nails I have to add a top coat, it makes your nails that little bit more shiny I’m not a fan of the matte nail look.

Top Coat – Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – £9

This is the only top coat I use, it is amazing. It dries my nails almost instantly which is exactly what I need. I’m a clumsy person and I hate waiting for my nails to dry and normally always muck up a nail or catch it on something! It’s a life saver especially when you are in a rush, it also creates a beautiful shine to my nails. Another reason why I use this is because my nails are quite weak and this strengthens them. My nails don’t often break when I use this top coat (touch wood!).


Let me know what your favourite autumn nail polish is.

-A x

10 thoughts on “Autumn Nails

  1. I always get so envious looking at nail posts as in the job I’m in I’m never allowed nail polish and it sucks. And the colour of this is so so pretty!! I’m kind of jealous aha! x


  2. That colour is so pretty aw! I never wear nail polish but i really should because there’s so many lovely colours. I just never get round to doing it! cute post! x

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