Top 3 -Hair Products Post Hairwash

Hello my lovelies,

So this is the next installment of my Top 3 products. I want to try and mix it up a little as beauty covers a whole wide spectrum of things and I want to share it all with you.

The products I will be going through in this post are my top 3 that I use after I have washed my hair. Now I’m a simple person who doesn’t like to do too much with my hair. But, if it is looking a little limp or I want to pamper myself, then these are the products I love to use.

all-hair 1. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spay – £17 (currently 20% off at Feel Unique!)

Why do some products have such long names!?

The spray is used to help prevent breakage, by repairing hair from inside out making it 3x stronger with lasting volume. The “Thermal blanket” of flexible silicone resin, protects hair up to 450°F. Pretty impressive ey? Now not only does it speed up the process of drying your hair, it also works as a heat protector which means less products in your hair – this is always a plus for me!

I use this when I have towel dried my hair (before obviously drying) and spray it in. I leave it for a minute or two and then start drying. I love what this does as I have such long hair it normally takes forever to dry. Which is why I don’t usually dry my hair with a hair dryer and I always end up going to bed with my hair wet (yes bad I know!) but it speeds up the process so much and when I’m in a hurry its a godsend.

The only draw back is the smell, it really is bizarre – the only thing I can compare it to is celery which is not what I want to smell when I am pampering myself if I’m honest. I think if it smelt nicer I would be encouraged to use it more but if you can look past the smell it really is an amazing product.


2. Beauty Protector Protect & Oil – £22

I got this as a sample, when I had a Birchbox subscription and didn’t think much of it at first. I was having a pamper evening, which isn’t very often but decided to try out the oil as I hate not using products I receive. I towel dried my hair and put a pea sized amount through the main part of my hair excluding my roots and then let it dry naturally. I didn’t have high hopes if I’m honest as I just find oils quite greasy, but in the morning, to my amazement it had made a difference. It made my hair feel so shiny and healthy like the feeling when you have just come out of the hairdressers. I have a lot of fly aways and when I put my hair up there were a lot less which means no hairspray – YAY!

I use this quite often and I still haven’t got through my sample but as soon as I finish I will be getting the full size bottle as it lasts forever so its a bargain at £22.


3. TIGI Bed Head Small Talk – £16.95 (currently 44% off at Feel Unique – I am a bargain hunter!)

I love this product, I have been using it for ages! It’s basically a 3 in 1 product, again so easy as I hate putting a load of products in my hair. So first of all it adds body and volume to my hair which I definitely need, my hair is so limp and boring so it’s nice to have a little more volume. This means in turn it makes my hair feel thicker and more energised.

As it helps with volume it makes my hair so much easier to style which is always a life saver in the morning when you are in a rush! It also smells soo good which is lovely when you are having you time and want to pamper yourself. Sometimes if I am using the Redken product then it cancels out the awful smell of it!

I use this again on towel dried hair before brushing it through as it is amazing for sorting out knotted hair. Again, with my long hair I am prone to getting knots all the time so it really is a lifesaver.


Let me know what your favourite products are.

– A x

5 thoughts on “Top 3 -Hair Products Post Hairwash

  1. I’ve never tried the Tigi small talk, but I want to give it a try. I have their bed head dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner and I really love it! I have done a blog post about it, so if you are interested you could check it out over on my blog?

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