November Favorites

Hello my lovelies,

So I cannot believe that November is almost over, Christmas is in full swing in my household. The darker nights and the colder weather and the leaves still falling – I love it. November has been an extremely tricky month for me and I have had to overcome a lot I am hoping December is a lot better for me. I have realised a lot this month especially that I have the worlds greatest friends and family around me and I couldn’t do this without them. November was the month I started this blog it was very scary but it has been so rewarding!

Anyway enough of me babbling on, I could go on forever! This month I have really enjoyed quite a few products and I thought I would share them with you.

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  1. Lush, Snow Fairy Shower Gel – £7.95 Buy it here

I LOVE this shower gel. I am not a fan of baths – I’m sorry this may cause a bit of hate but it’s shower all the way for me. I have had this for around 3 years now every time it has come out and I cannot get enough. It smells absolutely wonderful, it is a extremely sweet scent so it may not be for everyone but it is definitely for me. It’s pink and glittery – what is not to love!

I always look forward to this time of year when it is back on sale I hate that it is limited addition. However, due to the price I think I am happy to have this as a treat in winter. I am normally the girl that buys whatever shower gel is on offer. This is a beautiful product and I cannot recommend lush products as a whole any higher.

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2. Liz Earle, Deep Cleansing Mask – £15.75 Buy it here

At this time of year especially, I love to treat my skin. My skin is normally ok but there is nothing better than a pamper evening and putting a face mask on to relax. This is the perfect one for it – as you know I love Liz Earle products and this one does not disappoint. This face mask is for oily and combination skin as I do suffer from an oily t-zone from time to time so this is perfect. This is a clay mask that helps to draw out all of the impurities from the skin.

After I use this my skin feels so soft and clean and it has gone straight to the top of my list as my go to face mask. I’m going to be sad when this runs out and I will be heading to the shops as soon as this runs out!

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3. Jo Malone, Wood Sage and Sea Salt – £43 Buy it here

My most recent post was on my Top 3 perfumes and this unfortunately did not make the list but I love this especially at this time of year. This is a beautiful aromatic perfume which I have been enjoying recently it is quite strong smelling and it lasts the whole day however this is more of a special scent for me so I wear this mainly for special occasions. I have quite a few scents from Jo Malone and they all add something different to my collection. Anyone that hasn’t tried a Jo Malone fragrance I would highly recommend going into a store the experience is amazing and the staff are so helpful at choosing the right scent for you.

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4. Collection Mattifying Pore Minimiser – £4.99 Buy it here

I recently picked this primer up from the stand in Boots, I had heard so many good things about this product and it didn’t disappoint. I love finding such good products at good prices and this really it one of them. It is a transparent silicone based primer which contains Witch Hazel which aids with clearing the skin – what could be better! It blends so easily into the skins and keeps my makeup on all day. It is a mattifying primer so if you prefer a dewey look this may not be for you I suppose it can’t please everyone!

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5. MAC Mineralise Skin finish in Soft and Gentle – £24 Buy it here

Who doesn’t love highlighter? I cannot live without highlighter especially not this one. I recently rediscovered this highlighter in my collection and I’m so glad I did. This is really quite a standout highlighter and it isn’t for the fainthearted. This is a perfect Christmas party go to product. Who doesn’t like glitter and shimmer at this time of year! It really is beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing!

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6. Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Mirage – £25 Buy it here

First off the packaging is beautiful. It is so elegant and simple like all Chanel products and I could not be happier. It is a beautiful shimmery brown with flecks of gold – my sort of colour let me tell you for eyeshadow. I have never had a product like this before which is a cream to powder finish and it just glides on my eye. It is extremely pigmented and lasts all day long. I normally use this just on its own as I don’t think it needs anything else. I cannot wait to buy more of these, they are absolutely wonderful!

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7. MAC Matte Bronzing Power – Limited Eddition

Unfortunately this is limited edition and I brought it last year but I am sure MAC do something similar in the core collection.  I always have to use bronzer at this time of year I do not want a flat face and I  still want to look like I have a bit of colour to me. This is perfect for it, it has slight flecks of shimmer but nothing major and glides onto the skin creating a matte finish. I love a bronzer and this really is a perfect staple for my collection.

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8. Vineyard Candles – Prosecco £19.50 Buy it here

I love prosecco so when I saw this I thought it was perfect! Who doesn’t love the smell of prosecco in candle form. This candle fills the room even when it is not alight and burns beautifully. For some reason I never have much luck with burning candles they never seem to burn evenly – somehow I have managed to do this! I love a good candle and although this is not a wintery scent it makes my room smell lovely and it fills me with happiness. It is on the sweeter side but anyone would know this if they have smelt prosecco. I haven’t heard much about this company but they really are wonderful!

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Let me know what your November favorites have been

-A x

Top 3 – Perfumes

Hello my lovelies,

My next installment is on perfumes. I love applying perfume, it is such a good way to start to the day smelling amazing. It is the last thing I apply on my beauty regime and I could not be without it. I have a large collection of perfumes and it was extremely hard to choose just 3. I am always mixing my fragrances up and these 3 I simply cannot live without.


1.Marc Jacobs – Dot. £50

I love this fragrance, it is a perfume that I wear on a daily basis as it is not too heavy. I’m awful at describing scents and I always wish there was a way you can pass the smell onto people. At first glance the bottle is beautiful, extravagant yet pretty on the dressing table. I love most of Marc Jacobs scents but this one just tops the rest.  It’s main smell is a floral scent which is a little on the sweet side. It’s not too overpowering and lasts all day.

The top notes are red berries which is why it is on the sweeter side, the heart scent is Jasmine with the base notes being driftwood. I’m not scent specialist and I don’t claim to know much about it, but it really is beautiful.

I haven’t heard too much about this on social media but it’s not normally what people talk about. I would highly recommend this to someone who is looking for a new scent and love Marc Jacobs perfumes.


2. Jo Malone – English Pear and Freesia £43

Who doesn’t love Jo Malone? What a beautiful brand. I literally haven’t put anything on my skin that I don’t love. They have something for everyone, depending on your mood and the occasion. I love going into the shop and having a massage and trying new scents and of course being pampered. The only problem is that I can’t walk out without buying something which can prove costly!

The packaging is very basic, but elegant. Whenever I see any Jo Malone product I just fall in love instantly it’s so sheek! This is on the sweeter side with its top note being pear but it is also quite earthy. I suppose that doesn’t make sense but it is not a sickly sweet scent I promise you. I feel like a strong independent woman and can achieve anything when I wear this – silly I know. The other notes of this scent is freesia and patchouli. It lasts all day, but I normally wear this on a special occasion as I do unfortunately use this sparingly because of the price.


3. Paul Smith, Women. £18.99

This is another perfume I wear on a daily basis, there isn’t anything too special about this but it really does hit the mark. The bottle is basic pink which is not what I like but it’s not all about looks is it! The scent is floral with a sweet tone, the top notes include pink pepper and clementine. The heart notes include Freesia and Green Tea along with Patchouli. This has some of the same notes as my Jo Malone perfume but they are completely different.

Sometimes a perfume doesn’t need to be special, especially day to day which means this is a perfect scent for running errands and boring life things. Everyone needs to smell good no matter what you are doing – right?   paul-smith

Let me know what some of your favourite perfumes are!



Hairstyle – French Braids

Hello my lovelies,

This post is a little different, I’m going to say that hairstyles are included with beauty. Let me know if you aren’t a fan but it’s always good to mix it up a bit!

Now, I have never been a person to do much with my hair. It’s either up or down and if I am going somewhere fancy I may curl my hair but that is as far as I go. Boring I know, but recently I have been trying to practice new hair styles and this one I have worn a few times and I have fallen in love.

I love braids and since I was a child I have always wanted to be able to french braid, but I have never had the patience to do it. This is all change and finally I have been able to do it and I am so happy with the results and I thought I would share with you the final outcome and the products I used to achieve it.


I always brush my hair with a tangle teaser, I have quite a few of them and I cannot live without one! They always manage to remove the knots out of my hair, it leaves my hair less static which is what my problem was with just a normal hair brush – LIFESAVER!

My hair is very fine so normally when I do something with my hair it never stays and looks awful,I have no volume to my hair and it is a little limp. I started off with using some dry shampoo in order to put texture in my hair so the braid would hold a little longer.

I began braiding – just so you know this did take me a while but as they say practice makes perfect! I’m no pro at this but I think it is always good to share tips and tricks where you can. If you want to learn how to do a french braid I would suggest watching some YouTube videos, that is how I learnt anyway.

Once I have completed the braid I always pull my hair out a little so it doesn’t look so slick I’m not for that look. I played around with it until I was happy and made sure I used hairspray so it doesn’t move. I’m a bit cheeky with this hairstyle and leave it in for a couple of days, I did say I was lazy! I love this hairstyle because I can leave it in and then not have to worry about it for days if I please.


Let me know what your favourite hair styles as I am keen to learn some new ones so my hair is no longer boring!


Also a special mention to my lovely sister for taking pictures of my hair!

-A x

Empties #1

Hello my lovelies,

I love reading blogs of what people have used up. It is one thing reading reviews but it takes a lot longer to use a product up. It gives a true indication of what someone thinks of a product and whether they would repurchase, which is important to me.

So here are my empties, thank god I can throw the products away know. Hello new beauty items!

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1.Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner – £3

Just so you know the reason why the shampoo is not included in this as I always use the conditioner up so much quicker than the shampoo. I still 1/4 of the bottle left. I wish brands would realise this and create bigger conditioner bottles! I hate using a different conditioner with the shampoo as I don’t think it is able to give you the desired effect which they promote.

Anyway, rant over I loved this conditioner. My hair is long and constantly falls out, I brush it and it looks as though half my head of hair has come off! When I saw this range I thought it would be perfect to use to strengthen my hair. It did just that, it made my hair feel smooth after washing and although it is no miracle product my hair did strengthen and I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out as much.

I would repurchase this but I have a lot of other shampoo and conditioners to use up but this is definitely on my list for when I am running low!

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2. Maybelline Lash Sensational in Black – £7.99

So I think every woman and their dog has raved about this product! At first I was a little skeptical and I didn’t understand why people were so impressed by it. It didn’t do anything special to my lashes and after a while I stopped using it. About 6 months ago I started using it again as I forgot why I didn’t like it and I fell in love. I don’t know whether it is because it had dried a little but it really did make such a difference. My lashes look so volumised and separated when I use this and that is the exact look I go for.

I would say to anyone who has this that isn’t a fan to keep going with it and I’m sure you will love it. Would I repurchase? I already have because I didn’t want to run out. This is becoming one of my favourite mascaras of all time!

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3. Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash – £1.29

I love the simple skin care range I think that it is amazing for their price point and I haven’t come across a product I don’t like. This has certainly not disappointed. I have been through countless bottles of this and I will continue to repurchase this forever more! It makes my skin feel so smooth and washes away all the oils and rubbish that sticks to your skin throughout the day. I use this in the shower, don’t worry I turn the temperature down! At this point all my make up has been removed, so it acts as it my final clean of the day.

I can’t recommend this enough it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Cheap and cheerful I can’t complain!

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4. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. £22,default,pd.html

This was my first high end foundation that I brought and I made sure that I was skin matched. I also brought a pump because I do not like pouring foundations onto my hands I was always concerned that I would pour too much out. I had been eyeing up this foundation for a long time before buying and I am so glad I did. I would say this is a medium coverage foundation that is very much buildable. It lasts on my skin all day and leaves quite a matte finish.

My only concern is that my skin does get oily throughout the day and it is not brilliant at oil control but with a top up of powder everything is good again.

I am now currently on my third bottle of this and it is my favourite foundation. I truly love this foundation and I couldn’t rate this more highly. It is the perfect foundation for someone who is wanting to venture into high end foundations.

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5. Yankee Candle, Christmas Eve – £9

I am a sucker for candles, I was gifted this candle last year for Christmas and I loved the scent. The only problem was that I could only burn this for a short while as Christmas was over. As soon as November was here I was burning this candle 24/7 and sadly I have used this all up.

The only problem with the Christmas scents is that you can only burn them for such a small amount of time of the year. The notes of this scent is sugared plums and candied fruits. It seems as though that it would be sickly sweet but it isn’t. Its a beautifully balanced scent and I am gutted that it is all used up.

I would definitely repurchase this but as it is growing closer to Christmas and I have lots of other candles to burn I think I will buy this for next year.

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I just want to say thank you to my lovely boyfriend, Tom who took these photos for me today.

-A x



Top 3 – Autumn Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies,

This is another installment of my Top 3 products, this one is a little more seasonal but I could never just choose 3 lipsticks of my whole collection.I change them up so often depending on the time of year. I love lipsticks I cannot wear makeup without putting on a swipe of lipstick, I normally go for a bolder lip never been a nude gal. So as its colder obviously the shade of lipsticks I wear change and I thought I would share them with you.

It was extremely hard just to choose three as I have quite a collection but I could not live without these shades!


1.Charlotte Tilbury in Love Liberty – £23,default,pd.html

I love that Charlotte Tilbury is now stocked in House of Fraser it makes it so much easier to get hold of and I can use my reward card. I actually brought this in the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden and let me tell you it is truly beautiful in there. I don’t know how anyone would be able to walk into the shop without buying anything!

Anyway, I prefer a matte lip especially for this time of year so this lipstick is from their Matte Revolution range and my oh my they are lovely! The formulation of them is beautiful it isn’t too drying on the lip and actually holds up throughout the day. I do have to top up probably towards the end of the day but I’m okay with that. It is extremely easy to apply especially with the way the lipstick is designed. My hands always shake when I apply lipstick and always ends up everywhere but with the shape of it, it makes it a whole lot easier.

If this didn’t impress you enough – can we just look at the packaging!? I’m a sucker for packaging and sometimes you are disappointed with the product inside but not this one. It is a truly elegant lipstick and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more.


2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick, 107 – £5.49 

Now this is a cult autumnal shade that I think most people own and I always love this time of year where I can bring it out and wear this beautiful shade. It is the most beautiful berry shade that is not too daring. Maybe because I always wear bright and bold shades but I think you could wear this during the day and get away with it. I certainly do and I could not live without the shade.

I have a lot of lipsticks from the Kate Moss range and I am always so impressed. This one is a little drying compared to the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick but it definitely does not cling to your dry patches which I love. Again this is a matte lipstick and the formulation again is lovely. Especially for the drugstore this is a real gem, the packaging isn’t anything special but I’m ok with that because of what is inside!


3. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Venom – £15,default,pd.html

So last but no means least this is the boldest shade of the three and and absolutely love it! This is not a matte lipstick it is a cream finish and actually I’m glad it is. It is beautiful formulation especially for this shade, I would be worry that if this was matte it would sink into the dry areas of my lips.

I love wearing this when I am going out in the evening as it is a little different. Most people this time of year rock a red or a berry shade but as this is a dark purple I stand out of the crowd a little. Whenever I am wearing this shade I always have people come up to me and ask me what it is which is always a bonus.

I usually pair this with a standard purple lip liner just so it stays on for longer especially on a night out I don’t want to be worrying about whether it is all over my face.

It is the perfect lipstick for anyone who wants to be a little different during the season and if you have the guts I would totally go for it. This is my first Urban Decay lipstick and I actually prefer them more to my MAC ones!


Let me know what your favourite autumn lipsticks are!

-A x


A/W Evening Skincare Routine

Hello my lovelies,

At this time of year when it gets colder it’s really important to look after your skin. I only started a routine about a year ago making sure I took my makeup off every evening. At first, it was such a chore but now it’s my favourite part of the day. It is so satisfying having silky soft skin after and then jumping into bed.

In the Autumn and Winter I opt for much more richer products to ensure my skin is fully hydrated and doesn’t dry out!


Garnier Micellar Water – £4.99 (currently on offer for £3.33!)

I cannot live without this micellar water it is my holy grail product. I use it morning and night I have gone through countless bottles of this. I always use it before I cleanse to remove my eye make up, my eyes are always a little sensitive so this is perfect for it. I hold it on my eye for 10 seconds and wipe away and all my eye makeup disappears. I know this is so hyped up but it really is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. It also does a good job of taking my face make up off when I am having a lazy day.


 Ren, Hot Cloth Cleanser – £16

I love this cleaner a little more than the Liz Earle one! I know people swear by it and I do love it but I love this a little more. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. A hot cloth cleaner is a definite winner on a cold winters evening as you can swipe your make up off with a nice hot flannel and warms you up at the same time. I have gone through a few bottles of this and absolutely love it. The cleanser is for all skin types so this should work if you have sensitive skin. It is well worth looking into if you are on the hunt for a new hot cloth cleaner.


Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – £14.50

This is normally the part of my routine that I miss out, bad I know! I love the feeling this gives me, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and makes sure there is nothing left from my cleanse that may of been missed. It contains such lovely ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cucumber which obviously helps to soothe the skin and leave you with radiant looking skin. I don’t think I have met a person that doesn’t love Liz Earle skin care!


Liz Earle Eyebright – £13.25

My eyes do get quite dry especially during the colder months so this really is a life saver. Another Liz Earle product I know but I cannot fault it. It soothes my skin around my eyes leaving them so soft. I don’t use anything for my eyes in warmer months as I don’t feel I need to, but in the colder months an eye lotion or cream is a definite must for me. I haven’t tried many other eye creams so let me know what your favourite is!


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask – £24

Finally my night cream I am in love with the product. I know the range is for the older lady but its never to early to curb those wrinkles that we all will get. I just love the product, it is a different texture to most, its very bouncy but it is absolutely incredible. I put this on just before I go to bed as it is quite thick and it takes a while to sink into the skin but it works wonders over night – trust me! When I wake up the next morning it’s like I have new skin all my imperfections and blemishes look a whole lot better.


Let me know if you have tried any of these products.

-A x

Autumn Nails

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to go through my go to nail colour which I LOVE to use at this time of the year. I hate painting my nails as I’m no pro, I have such shaky hands and it always goes everywhere. I lack patience! I do try to paint my nails weekly but there are sometimes where I do forget, I always prefer my nails painted than bare its just such a chore for me!

Anyway, at this time of year I love running to my darker shades of nail polish. My nails always look that little bit better and because a lot of my clothes are dark it just works. I must have such a dark personality but I love a bit of black!


I’m not a massive fan of red nail polish but I always end up wearing this around Christmas and I don’t wear it for very long! This colour is what I prefer wearing which is so much more comfortable.

The Nail Polish – Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Moss in Disco Fever – £1.75

I love the whole range Salon Pro range I have quite a few, I always pick up new ones quite frequently. The formula is amazing, you only need two coats and your good to go! The brush of the nail polish is probably the best part about this as it’s a lot bigger than your average size brush. Which means for a novice like me a couple of swishes of the brush and you’re done. The colour itself is beautiful it’s a berry colour but not too deep for autumn it has a beautiful tone of purple to it which I just love!


When I paint my nails I have to add a top coat, it makes your nails that little bit more shiny I’m not a fan of the matte nail look.

Top Coat – Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – £9

This is the only top coat I use, it is amazing. It dries my nails almost instantly which is exactly what I need. I’m a clumsy person and I hate waiting for my nails to dry and normally always muck up a nail or catch it on something! It’s a life saver especially when you are in a rush, it also creates a beautiful shine to my nails. Another reason why I use this is because my nails are quite weak and this strengthens them. My nails don’t often break when I use this top coat (touch wood!).


Let me know what your favourite autumn nail polish is.

-A x

Top 3 -Hair Products Post Hairwash

Hello my lovelies,

So this is the next installment of my Top 3 products. I want to try and mix it up a little as beauty covers a whole wide spectrum of things and I want to share it all with you.

The products I will be going through in this post are my top 3 that I use after I have washed my hair. Now I’m a simple person who doesn’t like to do too much with my hair. But, if it is looking a little limp or I want to pamper myself, then these are the products I love to use.

all-hair 1. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spay – £17 (currently 20% off at Feel Unique!)

Why do some products have such long names!?

The spray is used to help prevent breakage, by repairing hair from inside out making it 3x stronger with lasting volume. The “Thermal blanket” of flexible silicone resin, protects hair up to 450°F. Pretty impressive ey? Now not only does it speed up the process of drying your hair, it also works as a heat protector which means less products in your hair – this is always a plus for me!

I use this when I have towel dried my hair (before obviously drying) and spray it in. I leave it for a minute or two and then start drying. I love what this does as I have such long hair it normally takes forever to dry. Which is why I don’t usually dry my hair with a hair dryer and I always end up going to bed with my hair wet (yes bad I know!) but it speeds up the process so much and when I’m in a hurry its a godsend.

The only draw back is the smell, it really is bizarre – the only thing I can compare it to is celery which is not what I want to smell when I am pampering myself if I’m honest. I think if it smelt nicer I would be encouraged to use it more but if you can look past the smell it really is an amazing product.


2. Beauty Protector Protect & Oil – £22

I got this as a sample, when I had a Birchbox subscription and didn’t think much of it at first. I was having a pamper evening, which isn’t very often but decided to try out the oil as I hate not using products I receive. I towel dried my hair and put a pea sized amount through the main part of my hair excluding my roots and then let it dry naturally. I didn’t have high hopes if I’m honest as I just find oils quite greasy, but in the morning, to my amazement it had made a difference. It made my hair feel so shiny and healthy like the feeling when you have just come out of the hairdressers. I have a lot of fly aways and when I put my hair up there were a lot less which means no hairspray – YAY!

I use this quite often and I still haven’t got through my sample but as soon as I finish I will be getting the full size bottle as it lasts forever so its a bargain at £22.


3. TIGI Bed Head Small Talk – £16.95 (currently 44% off at Feel Unique – I am a bargain hunter!)

I love this product, I have been using it for ages! It’s basically a 3 in 1 product, again so easy as I hate putting a load of products in my hair. So first of all it adds body and volume to my hair which I definitely need, my hair is so limp and boring so it’s nice to have a little more volume. This means in turn it makes my hair feel thicker and more energised.

As it helps with volume it makes my hair so much easier to style which is always a life saver in the morning when you are in a rush! It also smells soo good which is lovely when you are having you time and want to pamper yourself. Sometimes if I am using the Redken product then it cancels out the awful smell of it!

I use this again on towel dried hair before brushing it through as it is amazing for sorting out knotted hair. Again, with my long hair I am prone to getting knots all the time so it really is a lifesaver.


Let me know what your favourite products are.

– A x

Review – Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream

Hello my lovelies,

So as mentioned in my recent haul from Brighton I said I would do a review on the Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream that I brought.


Today I thought that it was a good day to give it a go. The shade I brought was Mulberry and I picked this up from Boots for £2.99, its currently on offer for £2.50 though!

I put this on this morning at around 9am and currently as I am writing this at around 3pm it still looks like I have just applied it – impressive! I have drunk and eaten with this and it has not budged at all which I think is pretty incredible with the price point.

This is a beautiful autumn berry shade which I love wearing this time of the year – I mean who doesn’t!? It has a red undertone which is little different to anything I have owned before so I was quite excited to try it.

It claims to leave a matte velvet finish without drying out your lips, I will be honest I was a little skeptical as there are a lot of liquid lipsticks to claim to do the same thing but have been extremely drying. I was politely surprised and actually it does exactly what it claims to do. When I applied the lipstick I thought it would emphasise the dry areas in my lips but it has completely glided over them and throughout the day as the lipstick has dried it hasn’t dried my lips whatsoever. WINNING!


This is what it looked like as soon as I applied the lipstick and I was so impressed with the pigmentation. It has a doe foot applicator which is what a lot of my other liquid lipsticks are like and I found this really easy to apply. The only negitive that I can really point out is that it is slightly sticky after a while but the good really does outweigh the bad on this occasion.

I honestly can’t praise this formula of lipstick enough especially for the price. Liquid lipsticks are a massive trend but unfortunately this time of year dry lips appear and some formulas just suck moisture out of lips rather than protecting and this does the complete opposite!

I would highly reccomend this to anyone who wants to try out liquid lipsticks or just want to add to their collection. There are 6 shades currently in the range and I will be heading back into Boots to pick more shades up from the range very soon.

A big thumbs up from me! Let me know if you have tried these out and your thoughts on them.


– A x

Top 3 – Primers

Hello my lovelies,

So I have decided to create a little series of my Top 3 products from primers to body scrubs. It’s always nice to have people’s opinions on things so please feel free to comment your favourite items as I am always on the hunt to try new things!

Now, 2 years ago if someone said to me ‘why don’t you use a primer?’ I would of laughed in there face and replied with ‘what is that going to do!?’. However, when I received my first primer which was from MAC it changed everything! I now can’t put a face of make-up on without making sure I use a primer.

I thought I would share with you my Top 3 primers and hopefully it will help you out if you are on the market for a new primer or your first ever!


1. Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer – £6.99

This is a great drugstore find I have had this for a while now and it is what I reach for on a day to day basis. It comes out in a white cream consistency and once it sinks into the skin it creates a smooth even base which has shimmers of glitter. This isn’t to everyone’s taste but I think it works well as a base.

The primer also has SPF 25 which means I don’t have to look for a SPF in a foundation which is a bonus. The primer claims that it is Anti-Pollution, Anti-Stress, a Protective Shield and Skin Perfecting. Now I’m not sure about Anti Pollution but with regards to the Anti Stress it reduces the oilyness that I have throughout the day which means that it does act as a protective shield.

Overall this is a cheap and cheerful primer which I highly recommend especially if you are on a budget.


2. The Body Shop All In One Instablur – £14

I LOVE this primer, it’s everything that I want and more. I don’t know whether it will be for everyone as it is silicone based but it glides over the skin masking the appearance of pores and skin imperfections. It mattifies the face which is not what I go for on an everyday basis but when I want a matte finish this is definitely what I reach for. I really do see the difference of how much longer my makeup stays on my face when using this which is winner when you have an awful long day at work meaning you aren’t able to touch up much! It doesn’t have any smell which means it can’t offend anyone.

I’m on my second bottle of this and I think I will be buying this for years to come!


3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – £29,default,pd.htm

This one is a little on the pricey side and I actually received this off my lovely boyfriend last Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. I was a little wary in trying this but I haven’t looked back since.

You know those days when you want to feel extremely luxurious then this is the primer for you. It is absolutely beautiful and I cannot fault it. It glides onto the skin effortlessly creating a beautiful base for your foundation. It its pretty much weightless on the skin which means it doesn’t leave your skin feeling cakey. It does exactly what it says on the tin and I cannot be happier with it.


Please let me know your favorites as I am always on the hunt for new ones.

– A x